Rick Libby Talks about The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is the new craze in town. Not only have people come to realize that they can make money from it, but they have realize that they could make that money while having a lot of fun. Besides, the Traveling Vineyard allows you to host parties at introduce new wines while people are having a good and easy time at their friend’s homes. Therefore, they are more likely to ask questions about the wines. And, if they like a certain bottle, there are better chances of buying.

Other than having fun while doing something that you love, The Traveling Vineyard provides wine guides with the opportunity to make money. And, the flexibility of the job allows you to work either full-time or part-time. Therefore, you can always choose to be a wine guide as a side job. Else, you can do the wine tasting business as the main gig.

Recent, Rick Libby was interviewed by Interview.net, where he spoke of his journey with the Traveling Vineyard and how he got to a level where he employs over 5,000 wine guides. He told the online magazine that came up with the idea of Traveling Vineyard when he was hired by a catalog wine-selling company to come up with a strategy that would help them improve their revenues. It was during a discussion with a friend that, the idea of wine tasting in parties held at home, came up.

During the interview, Libby also commented that technology was a big part of their business. He talked of how his company encourages innovation and has to come with an invention every other year. He gave an example of Awesom, which is a mobile App that allows the wine guides to easily perform their tasks, including ordering. Also, the company is always open for new ideas. Besides, his goal is that his company remains the pioneer of the industry and to do so, he has to be ahead in everything. The Traveling Vineyard President also advised other entrepreneurs to plan adequately before starting a business. Also, to have sufficient capital to support the business until it can start making profits.

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