Omar, Wasseem And Sam Boraie: Building A Vibrant New Brunswick

Omar, Wasseem and Sam Boraie are playing an important role in helping to revitalize the city of New Brunswick. It is a mission Omar Boraie started over 40 years ago. When Omar Boraie came to the United States from Egypt, he was working on his doctorate in Chemistry. But he was bitten by the real estate bug and soon his focus had turned to the rebuilding of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Downtown New Brunswick had endless blocks of decaying, abandoned buildings when Omar Boraie first moved there, says NJ Biz. But he saw the potential for the type of rebirth he had seen in cities in war-ravaged Europe as a young man.

Omar Boraie began buying property in downtown New Brunswick. He looked at the nearly abandoned city and envisioned a vibrant community where families, professionals and blue-collar workers could work and live together and enjoy a great quality of life. Few shared Omar Boraie’s vision of a revitalized New Brunswick when he founded Boraie Development. But he didn’t let that stop him. With his sons Wasseem and Sam Boraie working with him, Omar Boraie has built some incredible buildings beside Rutgers University in downtown New Brunswick that have helped to usher in a new era of prosperity to the area.

His Albany Street Plaza Tower One project with its Class A office space of more than 250,000 square feet began to change downtown New Brunswick. Tower Two, completed in 2003, brought hundreds of thousands of square feet more of much-needed Class A office space to the area. Boraie Development has also added the 25 story mixed use One Spring Street Condominium building with its 121 top-of-the-line residential units and tens of thousands of square feet dedicated to retail and office space. It’s the tallest building in the city. Boraie Development has also built The Aspire. A 17 story, 370,000 square foot structure with 10,000 square feet of retail space and 238 impressive residential units.

The New Brunswick Omar Boraie envisioned 40 years ago is taking shape right before his eyes. And Omar Boraie is now celebrated as the visionary that helped to save the city.

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