Jason Hope’s Vision of Future Technology

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona native who is an entrepreneur, and investor (just to name a few of his many, many talents). He is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in finance and his Master’s Degree in Business. Hope is a big believer in all things of internet and envisions a world where many of life’s everyday functions along with the needs of businesses can be programmed and shared over the internet.

As a frequent and avid commentator and writer of technology trends, Jason Hope believes simple everyday tasks such as turning off lights and making coffee can be taken over by technology. And this isn’t just limited to clapping to turn your lights on and off or an automatic coffee maker. Technology will really take over these everyday tasks to the point you can program these everyday devices over your data network and keep them in check like you do the apps on your phone. Hope expects for the competition in the market to become very thick within the upcoming years as manufacturers and consumers both move towards all everyday activities being enhanced by technology. The Internet of Things is one of these very companies that Jason Hope sees much potential in.

The Internet of Things, as said by Hope, has the potential to completely change the way businesses operate. This business plans to do exactly that by using connected technology that allows many devices in different varieties to get and stay in sync with each other. These devices will share data over the same network the variety of devices enhanced will include street lights, kitchen appliances, various electronic devices and even cars. Jason Hope’s passion for technology is not limited to just the future tech industry. He is also passionate about giving back to his community through services and donations.

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