How Fabletics is Doing it Different

Fabletics is a store that sells what is typically referred to as “athleisure”, or women’s sportswear and sports accessories. It is an online retailer that requires a subscription and in exchange for the subscription, the members get personalized outfits which are chosen for them by stylists based on certain questions to show their style preference and their lifestyle.


Fabletics was started in July of 2013 by famous actress Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The store was officially launched a few months later on October 1st, 2013. Later on, in June of 2015, Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson, helped them launch a men’s active wear line. The company expanded even more in March of 2016 by adding swimsuits and even dresses to their online shop. Fabletics has also started numerous pop-up shops in various locations.


Fabletics has grown it’s business to $250 million in only three years. So what’s the secret? Fabletics makes it quite simple. Customers are interested in brands that push them so when you combine that with the convenience of online shopping and having styles chosen for you, as well as a membership, then you come up with a combination that is powerful. Having a membership is what allows Fabletics to give not only a personalized service but also fashion choices that are on-trend at only half the price of what other’s active wear is selling for.


The majority of Fabletics’ competitors are “getting killed” by something that is known as showrooming. This is where people are searching offline, or in a store, for something that they want but then later finding it somewhere else, usually online, for much cheaper. Fabletics has done something completely different by reversing this model, since they started out as an online shop. Fabletics has turned the browsing aspect of shopping into a positive, instead of into a negative like other in-store competitors. The current strategy of this company allows them to not only build and grow relationships with their customers, but also be a company that can be relied on and through events as well as activities, get to know and understand the markets better. Because of this, at least 30-50% of customers who walk through the pop-up shop doors are currently members, and even another 25% will sign up as a member in the store. Not only this, but Fabletics also does not care where the customer purchases in store, whatever is tried on will also be added to the customer’s online shopping cart, also. This makes for an easy check-out later when that customer gets home, if they decide not to purchase in store.