End Citizens United: Stopping Big Money Donations For The 2018 Elections

At the beginning of December 2017, End Citizens United announced its “Big Money 20” list. The list consists of 20 Republican congress members End Citizens United will target in 2018. The 20 Republicans listed have accepted huge donations and have backed legislation to benefit their personal donors. The political action committee believes that the 20 Republicans are favoring big political donors over helping their own constituents. Along with accepting large monetary donations during campaigns, the 20 Republicans listed oppose reforming finances for future campaigns.

End Citizens United has put a goal of raising $35 million toward re-election efforts in the upcoming 2018 elections. This amount is substantially more than the political action committee spent during the last election of 2016 with $25 million raised. Instead of relying on large donations like the “Big Money 20,” End Citizens United relies on donations smaller than $5,000. The political action committee seeks to reform how political campaigns receive large donations. This initiative appeals to many Democratic congress members, Democratic voters and independent party voters.

The executive director Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United believes the Republicans who compose the “Big Money 20” are the worst members of congress. By taking small donations to raise funds for the 2018 elections, End Citizens United hopes to change political election outcomes according to usatoday.com. Research has shown that taking small donations less than $5,000 works on a congressional campaign level. While many American voters are concerned about the job market and terrorism protection, Al Quinlan found that reducing large campaign donations is a priority for independent voters. End Citizens United hopes to replicate the outcome that took place in the Nevada Senate campaign of 2016 for the upcoming election in 2018.

End Citizens United was founded in March of 2015. The political action committee is determined to end Citizens United, a law allowing corporations to make unlimited and undisclosed donations. This allows for large party donors to buy elections. The political action committee’s overall goal is to seek campaign finance reform by ending large money donations. To accomplish this goal, End Citizens United helps elect campaign candidates that favor reforming campaign financing.

End Citizens United is on a mission not only to elect candidates favoring finance reform, but raise increased awareness of Citizens United to a national level. The political action committee located in Washington, DC seeks reform on state ballot measures and uses grassroot memberships to show how large money donations have corrupted campaign elections. From grassroot activism and membership, End Citizens United recently filed with the Federal Elections Commission as of November 2017.

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