Democracy Alliance, Founded By George Soros, Takes Aim At Trump

Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States because he rallied his base, and he appealed to the working class. Working class people feel disenfranchised. They saw a savior in Trump who promised them an American economic revival through the Midwest, an area hit hard by mechanization of labor and outsourcing due to trade deals.

But Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp” and “tear up those trade deals” seem to be lies. He has appointed some of the very people responsible for the economic hardships felt in the industrialized Midwest to his cabinet. Democrats see an opportunity to take back the working class. They will be discussing this and other strategies at a Democracy Alliance meeting this weekend.

Democracy Alliance is a group of wealthy Democratic donors that fund progressive groups, political advocacy committees and think tanks. Each member of the group is obligated to fund progressive organizations with at least $200,000 every year. Membership also costs and annual $30,000 to fund the staff of the DA. Portions of that $30,000 annual membership fee are also used to put on swanky meeting like one taking place this weekend.

The Democracy Alliance was the brainchild of George Soros, the 85-year-old celebrity billionaire and darling of the left. His original intent was to get John Kerry elected with the help of the DA back in 2004. That attempt failed, but Soros kept the DA alive. The group has funded progressive organizations with over $500 million since 2005, a number that Soros is very proud of.

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The DA views the progressive organizations that they fund as an army protecting liberal values all over the country. The think tanks, such as Media Matters, fight against right-wing groups like the Chamber of Commerce. Soros now wants the DA to play a larger role in protecting Democratic policies from Trump.

The meeting will also include some of the biggest Democratic politicians and George Soros. Attending will be Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. Warren and Pelosi hold leadership roles in the Senate and House respectively. Ellison look like he will be taking over leadership of the DNC.

The DA with George Soros will hold urgent meetings to discuss blocking Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days. Strategies will also be drawn for long-term obstruction throughout Trump’s first term. The DA hopes these strategies will hold Trump and his administration to just one term. And the DA plans major Democratic wins in local, state and federal elections in 2017 and 2018. All of this effort will aim to turn the entire government blue by 2020.

George Soros is a keynote speaker at the meeting, which is unusual. While he started the DA, and he continues to fund the group, Soros usually chooses to skip the meetings.

George Soros has long been a critic of Donal Trump, and he sees his Presidency as a threat to the world. The billionaire hedge fund manager survived World War II as a young Jewish boy in Nazi-occupied Budapest, and he has spent his life fighting authoritarian leaders around the world.

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