Demand of Respect from Nashville Charter School Parents

374 parents of Metro Nashville Public School wrote to the school board. They were proud of their children choosing to attend the school among a thousand others students. These parents also have children attending other public charter schools. They came together to condemn attacks on their schools which has to stop. Many of the parents in Nashville exercise choice moving to zones with high performing schools or enter the lottery hoping for seats in choice schools. So as parents of children attending charter schools they are no different. They searched other schools because their zone school could not meet the requirements for their children. However, they have constantly been accused and attacked.


Questions asked by the parents were whether the members of the board wished for their children to fail, or were those with attacks speaking for the entire board or administration. These parents would like to get answers to their questions. Their hope is that the answer to this question is no. This is an age where elected officials draw division rather than solving problems. Parents hoped the path would be rejected and instead come together to focus on opportunities and challenges in city public schools. Parents urged the cease of these attacks by board members on their school and show the city of Nashville their productivity. They should be a board focused on making MPNS an excellent school.


The parents said despite the contrary picture depicted of them; they are intelligent, engaged and determined parents who want a good future for their children. This just shows that they are not different to other parents who want what is best for their children. Their children are thriving, working hard and learning every day. They will be encouraged at a good school to dream big with the rightful education. The parents said everyone had a story why they choose public charter school instead of their zone school. They wished Nashville school well, and they thanked the board for its handwork and progress made over the past year. They requested the board to extend to extend the positive energy to all public city schools. They pleaded on the cease of attacks on all Nashville students who needed to be deserved a great education.