Davis Osio Has Worked Hard To Further His Philanthropy Around The World

David Osio is a reputable businessman that has devoted much of his life to the betterment of the people and the world around him. He has notably supported his community, music, art, and medical research. Aside from his work as a financial counselor, he has devoted a great deal of his personal time to collaborate with several nonprofit organizations that help to raise up those in need and provide a better way of life. He has taken his philanthropy global in recent years and works diligently to increase their reach.

Currently, Mr. Osio serves on the board of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has also supported The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation for many years. He supports the cause yearly and hopes to see more people contribute to make a difference in the live’s of children.

As a business executive, David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group. He is responsible for leading the company to international success and advantageous positioning in domestic and global markets. He has created satellite locations for the company in Panama City, Miami, Lisbon, and New York. In all of the cities in which his company operated, he is sure to make charitable contributions.

David Osio is a graduate of one of the top universities in Venezuela called Catholic University Andres Bello. He was enrolled in the advanced management program of banking law. He began his long career in 1981 when he served as the CEO and President of OPED Enterprise. The company dealt with the export of coffee. He later was an executive of the Letco Commercial Companies which dealt with various industrial products.

He joined the MGO law firm based in Caracas in 1984 where he specialized in banking law. He then took a position with Banco Latino Internation located in Miami. He became Vice President of commercial banking. His time at the bank proved very productive and raised the bottom line overall. The creation of Davos Financial Group came in 1993 and served a select group of clients in Venezuela. Regardless of where he was serving, he has always brought success and growth to the company.

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