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Exemplary Customer Service By Securus Technologies

Whenever any jail or prison authorities are asked about jail security providers, the first name that comes to their mind is Securus Technologies. I realized that the reason behind this is their exemplary customer service.


Richard A. Smith is the President as well as Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He mentions that everyone at the company takes a pledge to serve the customer. For them, these customers can be the prison inmates, their friends or family, and the entire Corrections Community.


They have taken a pledge to be open and completely transparent in their dealings. They are always striving to provide the highest level of customer service that is possible within a domestic call center. Their call center is located in Dallas. The customer service associates working here are hired as well as trained by the company.


Securus Technologies is also hiring and training the Field Technicians who visit the corrections facilities. In fact, I came to know that usually, the contracts signed by Securus Technologies covers this aspect of servicing too as the company believes in providing end to end solutions to its customers.


This is one company that is always truthful about its products and services. They clearly state what they can do and what they cannot do in response to any questions and requests that are raised by the customers. Basically, Securus Technologies does not make false promises. They only promise what they can deliver.


The company is responsive to the needs of the customer. Hence any problem is readily dealt with and resolved. This is because the company understands very well that its products are being used by the jail authorities to resolve cases or preventing them from happening. Hence any issue needs to be resolved on a priority basis. Due to these reasons, the company is favored by all its customers.


Securus Technologies Have Changed Prisons For The Better

A new online article included quotes from prison personnel from all around America. These quotes were mostly from prison guards who praised Securus Technologies for their wonderful products and services. The biggest deal to these guards is that they feel a lot safer at work now, and this has caused more people to apply for prison guard jobs.


One of the main products that make guards feel safe is the voice detection service installed in most prisons. This voice detection will pick up any inmate yelling at or arguing with a guard. When this happen, other guards are notified immediately. Even better, this voice detection can pick up inmates talking about assaulting guards or other prison personnel. These individuals can be investigated immediately.


Prison personnel also feels safe because immediate issues can be handled. This stops prison staff from being accused of committing crimes of being negligent. In the past, overdoses and the loss of commissary money put many prison employees in a bad position. Some employees have lost their job or were even put in prison themselves. Securus Technologies has stopped this from happening with their kiosks, voice detection, and other outstanding products and services.


Securus Technologies plans to develop more products and services very soon to make prison personnel even safer. These products are rumored to include more cameras on prison staff, better communication devices from one prison guard to another, and more. In fact, Securus wants to hear from prison guards themselves. If any prison guard or prison staff worker has any ideas regarding products or services Securus Technologies can provide to make them feel safer, Securus would love to hear from you. Securus representatives are available every single day and every hour of the day. Prison personnel does not have to hesitate to contact Securus Technologies.

Making Strides At Securus Technologies

Making sure the world is a safer place to live is what Securus Technologies is setting up for, and in the meantime, they provide North America with their technologies to keep the public and the incarcerated individuals safe. They are publishing letters from their customers and clients that prove this.


They are also inviting the people to come visit their company in Dallas, TX. During the time that they are there, they will be treated to a presentation at the facility. They will be able to see the latest technology that the company is working on, and they can ask questions abut the company too. This will prove to be very informative for the people, and they will understand how important the company’s work is for everyone.


The company is the leader in the public safety field. They are creating new technologies on a weekly basis, and the government is contracting them for help in their correction facilities all the time. All across the nation, the company is in high demand, and they are respected and known for what they do all across the globe. They are an impressive company that is striving towards making the world a safe place for all.