Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies has announced its plan on acquiring Jpay, Inc. the company has announced that it has signed a compacting Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire Jpay. Jpay is one of the leading technology providers that introduced education-related apps, electronic payments, emails, and entertainment to the correctional market. The company has its operations based in over 33 prisons in the United States.


Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO, said that the transaction would propel the company to become one of the fastest growing segments of this industry in email, electronic payments, and inmate tablets. He also said that the business is placed in a position to offer diverse services to the increasing correctional space. While technology continues to grow, the company has grown to become the solution to technology-based problems for the industry. Securus Technologies, for a long time, has admired Jpay services and their impact on technology. This transaction came at the most opportune time when the company had reached an expansion moment. If your needs are to make a refined product, then Jpay is the best company for secure online payments in the correctional industry. Jpay is the best choice.


Jpay CEO, Ryan Shapiro, said that the company is always eager to expand its coverage. Their products deliver the high-end solution needed in the correctional market. They offer tremendous value to the prison staff, inmates, family members, and friends. The primary focus of the company is to develop better products and gain massive adoption in the market. While Securus will facilitate their moves from behind, they will remain the market leaders in solution provision.


He credits the company’s production team for their relentless vision in the enterprise. They continue to develop products to make prisons safer, more efficient, and enable inmates transit to viable citizens after the correction period. Securus values our management system. They have pledged to support our needs.