How Did Slyce Apply Their Image Search To Pounce?

Pounce was bought out by, and that is where Slyce came in to apply their image search technology to the app. The app became a place where people could shop for their favorite items without a problem, and they are doing it all with their pictures. Someone could be walking down the street and see something they want, and they can take a picture of it save in the app. The app will show what the item is, and the app will lead the shopper to a place where they can buy these items. They can get an instant result from the app, and they can save it for later if they want.

Someone who needs to make a purchase instantly will be able to use the app to get directed to a place where they can buy these things, and they will be able to comparison shop as much as they want. The comparison shopping alone is very easy to manage because there are so many search results with the Slyce technology. Someone could buy all the things they need right from their phone, and they need to remember that they have a lot of good options for searching.

Any picture can be put into the app at any time, and then the app will give new search results every time the picture is used. The app can figure out what the picture shows, and it will offer more results than someone could find online. Searching for something only usually takes too much time because of the way that these searches work, but now they can get results with a picture in just a couple seconds. the idea that an image can become part of a shopping cart is brilliant for people with no time, and they save that time using Slyce.