Mr. Todd’s Successful Investment Story in the Real Estate Industry

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University in 1995. He studied at Peddie School, high school in New Jersey. Todd Lubar joined Crestar Mortgage Cooperation after completing his university education. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Cooperation for four years. Todd Lubar later joined Legacy Financial in 1999. In this company, he made sure that there were significant growth and an increase in productivity in the enterprise. The loan volume of Legacy Financial Group’s Maryland office increased to several million dollars. There was also a significant increase in the number of investors that got attracted to the company.

Todd opened a company known as Legacy Properties, LLC in 2002. It enabled him to have more focus and a clear view of the real estate industry. His company mainly focused on selling, purchase, rehabilitation and profiting of transactions that exceed 200 properties. It also has a focus on single family and multi-unit family properties. Todd managed to create good relations with the individuals in the banking industry and property developers. Through is hard work he managed to earn their trust and could get funding of up to two hundred million dollars.

Charter Funding offered Todd a job as their Senior Vice President. Charter Funding is a sister company of a financial company known as First Magnus Financial Cooperation. Through this, he managed to access lots of wealth, programs, and products that he used to expand his business. He worked at the company for five years and left in 2007. After 12 years of working in the real estate industry, Todd identified a gap that needed to be filled. To fill this gap, Todd opened Legendary Financial LLC. Through this company, Todd managed to serve clients of different social classes. Todd Lubar even used his money to lend the less fortunate individuals who could not be given loans from the bank.

Todd has got a unique gift that allows him to access risks and make decisions that best suit a given market condition. Through these skills he has managed to identify loans that best suit him. It has enabled Todd Lubar to run his business successfully without making losses.

For more info, visit his personal website at and Tumblr page.