Beyond the Darkness new podcast

If you’re looking to get scared, look no further. A special, new podcast is about to hit. Called, “Beyond the Darkness,” it’s going to be creepier than a haunted house. The podcast will feature long and fascinating discussions about whether ghosts exist, whether ghouls and goblins are real or just a figment of the imagination. They’ll speak of the devil and his underlings. They’ll explore UFOs and other unexplained phenomena like Area 51.


They’ll do it, moreover, in a more respectful and serious way than anyone has heard in a long time. So, be prepared. The podcast is set to debut Monday. It’s the brainchild of Norman Pattiz and Chris Jericho, and it will call the pair’s podcasting network, PodcastOne, home.


The show will be hosted by two longtime veterans of the paranormal world: Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis. You might’ve heard of them. Schrader has written books about the paranormal and has hosted a plethora of radio shows. Dennis, for his part, comes with years’ worth of experience in the radio industry and is an expert on all things paranormal.


Jericho is a former WWE wrestler who transitioned into podcasting. Today, he hosts a very well-known show of his own. So it says something that Jericho is so enthralled to listen to, “Beyond Darkness.” He does, however, remain a bit creeped out over what he is going to hear, he said in a statement about the show.


“Beyond the Darkness,” is just the latest in a slew of podcasts that the PodcastOne network has launched over the last five years. The network was launched by radio impresario Norman Pattiz in 2012. Pattiz spent 40 years working and rising up in the radio industry. Over the years, he saw how the general populace was transitioning from the radio to their computers, where they could watch or listen to whatever they wanted on the Internet.


This spurred him to launch a podcast network in 2012. He recruited Chris Jericho as one of his first podcasters, and the two have delved into their work. They recruited some of the biggest names in the podcasting world to host their shows on the PodcastOne Network. Today, people like Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Neil Strauss, and Jay Mohr are a part of Pattiz’s network. In fact, the network has become the largest, advertiser-based podcast network in the country.


For all his recent success, Pattiz was recently featured in Forbes magazine.

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