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Jason Hope’s Vision of Future Technology

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona native who is an entrepreneur, and investor (just to name a few of his many, many talents). He is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in finance and his Master’s Degree in Business. Hope is a big believer in all things of internet and envisions a world where many of life’s everyday functions along with the needs of businesses can be programmed and shared over the internet.

As a frequent and avid commentator and writer of technology trends, Jason Hope believes simple everyday tasks such as turning off lights and making coffee can be taken over by technology. And this isn’t just limited to clapping to turn your lights on and off or an automatic coffee maker. Technology will really take over these everyday tasks to the point you can program these everyday devices over your data network and keep them in check like you do the apps on your phone. Hope expects for the competition in the market to become very thick within the upcoming years as manufacturers and consumers both move towards all everyday activities being enhanced by technology. The Internet of Things is one of these very companies that Jason Hope sees much potential in.

The Internet of Things, as said by Hope, has the potential to completely change the way businesses operate. This business plans to do exactly that by using connected technology that allows many devices in different varieties to get and stay in sync with each other. These devices will share data over the same network the variety of devices enhanced will include street lights, kitchen appliances, various electronic devices and even cars. Jason Hope’s passion for technology is not limited to just the future tech industry. He is also passionate about giving back to his community through services and donations.

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George Soros Open Society Foundations become Conservative Target

George Soros is one of the richest and most successful individuals in the world. He has amassed billions of dollars and has made it a point to give back to society in meaningful ways. He puts support behind many more liberal causes and that makes him a target for many less than reputable right-wing, conservative fringe individuals. Recently, conservative nut job James O’Keefe attempted to cause harm to George Soros’ philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations. Fortunately for all involved, it seems that this was a person with bad intentions but no mastery of technology.

O’Keefe called the New York office to offer to discuss support for the organization. He tried to speak to Dana Geraghty, who was not available. He claimed to be a Hungarian-American named Victor Kesh. Apparently O’Keefe doesn’t understand the complicated working of a voicemail system. He left a message and then went on to reveal his plan of trying to infiltrate the organization. The recording revealed the true identity of the caller and his intentions. The Call showed that clearly showing that it was not a threat to be taken very seriously. During the recording, O’Keefe was heard opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page, then being told that once you search someone on that social media, they are showed your identity. O’Keefe was clearly undone by two things, technology and a lack of intelligence.

This was a kind of humorous look at a serious problem. Just because James O’Keefe is a bungling fool, doesn’t mean that others with bad intentions aren’t dangerous. George Soros has done nothing but rise to the top on his own accord. In that time, he has continually given back to those in need. George Soros created scholarships for black South Africans living under apartheid in 1979. This allowed many to get an education that otherwise was out of reach. He also worked to create lines of communication through the Iron Curtain during the cold war, setting up a number of cultural exchanges between East and West. After the fall of communism, Soros was responsible for setting up Universities in Eastern Europe that specialized in teaching critical thinking skills. Sounds like James O’Keefe could use some of that education.

The Open Society Foundations have been the greatest and most influential of Soros’ philanthropic productions. These are designed to help support people all over the world, protecting individual rights and insisting on transparency in government. They have built a worldwide organization that is located in over 100 countries. Creating vibrant and representative democracies all over the world seems like a very noble cause. They want the governments of the world to be totally accountable to their citizens. Open Society Foundations attempt to respond quickly to any activity or event which compromises this goal.

It would seem that conservative clowns like James O’Keefe could find something more productive with his time. He is a great example of the parasitical nature that politics can provide. Hopefully, he will move on to a more productive path. It seems like we could use a lot more people with an outlook similar to that of George Soros.