The Greyhound Diaries and Doug Levitt: Exploring and Sharing the Lesser Seen America

There exists in America an often ignored and overlooked place where one could spend some time getting to know Americans they might otherwise never know. That place is traveling on the road in a Greyhound Bus.The passengers on these buses are often impoverished, addicted, and occasionally mentally ill. How they got there and who is to blame is irrelevant; their stories are not. These are people struggling to live with dignity, and as one former foreign correspondent named Doug Levitt learned, he and they have some things in common.Doug discovered this place during a time when he worked for John Kerry’s presidential campaign and was so moved and intrigued by the experience he continued after the elections ended. He has since immersed himself in its nomadic culture crisscrossing the country for over 120,000 miles over twelve years.

He has transformed the act of traveling around America on a Greyhound bus into a lifestyle and for noble reasons he wants to show the rest of America what he has discovered.Doug is a talented singer-songwriter who meets people, learns their stories, and turns them into music. His most well-known project is called The Greyhound Diaries, an album of his original songs chronicling the adventure.

Doug Levitt was once a correspondent who filed stories for some of the major networks like CNN NBC and ABC and contributed work for some big names in print media. He has seen places around the world where people live with danger. Places like Iran, Bosnia, and Rwanda where war, oppression, and hate are commonplace.Post high school Doug attended Cornell University and went on to receive a Fulbright scholarship. He continued his education by earning a Master’s in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict from the London School of Economics.