FreedomPop Caters to Budget Minded Cell Phone Users

The need for a cell phone is more important than ever before. However, my cell phone bills kept getting larger. It got to the point where I would nearly work half a week just to pay for my smartphone. While essential, there are other things I need to buy with my money. That’s when my friend told me about FreedomPop Wireless. She told me that I would get 200 minutes completely free, plus I would get 500 texts and some data time. I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I said goodbye to the astronomical prices in the standard cell phone industry, and I went for a costing cutting budget plan. Learn more:

This may be hard for some people to understand how and why this company can offer such savings. First, this FreedomPop review should help you with all of the questions. You must know that this company is a VOIP. Basically, it means that they don’t have their own lines or network, they use Sprint’s lines. They piggyback onto their lines, allowing their customers to use the same great networks that cost a fortune. Sprint cut a deal with them to use their lines. It helps Sprint to pay for their elaborate network, and it allows Freedom Pop to market to their customers. It’s a win-win for both companies.

I will be honest and say that I was a little concerned about the quality of my calls. However, since they have the world’s largest network, my fears were soon put to rest. As far as Wi-Fi, there are more than 10 million hotspots around the world. For another $5.00 a month, I had the benefit of the Wi-Fi service. The people who live in the city will have better range than those that live in rural areas, but I live in the country and have great service there too.

I like the fact that everything is simple. I love the free package, but since I use so many minutes a month, I started out with the $19.95 plan. It gives me the ability to call overseas and communicate with my relatives from afar off. Now, to keep things in perspective, you are not going to get all the bells and whistles that you would with a company like Verizon or Sprint, but you also won’t get those huge bills either. Freedom Pop is for the budget minded individual who needs a cell phone, but it is for those who doesn’t want to go broke paying for it each month.