Cotemar in the Forefront of Mexico’s New Oil Industry


Cotemar is regarded as one of the top companies that are instrumental in the reawakening of the energy industry in Mexico. After breaching the monopoly of Pemex over the oil industry, Cotemar (amongst various others) is changing the face of the industry. It is a huge operation with a large number of fleets in contract with Pemex. Its subsidiaries include Cocinas Del Mar, Sipsa and Apoyo Logistico Marino. It enjoys a good reputation in its field and has been certified by several companies including Pemex, Quality System Certification, and many others.


A prominent player in the oil industry of Mexico, Cotemar has more than 37 years of experience under its belt serving Pemex. A company that takes pride in its Mexican heritage, Cotemar specializes in several services about the oil industry. Using specialized vessels, Cotemar provides offshore oilfield development, maintenance, and construction. In addition to that, it also provides catering, lodging, and transportation of personnel as well as materials.


Hence, Cotemar operates on a three-pronged basis; catering and lodging, transportation using specialized vessels, and the development of offshore sites. Taking off in 1979, it has surpassed many milestones year after year, providing high-quality services to Pemex.


With a special focus on the environmental impact of its services, Cotemar has always prioritized sustainability. It aims to work for the benefit of the environment, the needs of the community, business ethics, and quality of life. Cotemar’s five core values are integrity, effectiveness, innovation, collaboration, and responsibility. These values are not just applicable to the services Cotemar provides, but also apply to the way it deals with its employees. It has been in the forefront regarding the development of its human resource by actively conducting workshops, training courses, and creating a network with local and international universities to obtain firstly and then train the best human resource possible.


Though there are many social and legal issues due to the previous sole operation of Pemex, Cotemar is gaining ground quickly despite the roadblocks that it has faced, and has become one of the leading figures of the silent revolution of the Mexican oil industry.