Millenials Can Look Forward To The Growth Of Billy McFarlands Social Rewards Club Magnises

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland is a young man in his twenties that has already come a long way as an entrepreneur and a business expert. He is the current CEO and founder for Magnises and Spling. Magnises is his biggest success today, and is a company that functions as a social club to this generation’s millennials, which typically ranges from individuals between 12 and 32 years of age.

Along with being part of Magnises means access to the clubs exclusive black card, which can not only like to an individuals bank account, but lets them take part in a variety of different special events and get special perks for using the card.

The black card is perfect for millennials with highly active social lives, and it also lets them show off as it comes with a host of different benefits, whether its night life partying, or attending a special event with VIP access. Billy McFarland got the idea of using the card for Magnises after looking at rewards from other companies that used cards as well.

After a discussion with some of his buddies, Billy started up his plans for making Magnises a reality, to give millennials a way of showing off their wealth and social status. Since Billy McFarland originally founded Magnises back in 2013, the company has successfully started more than 50 different partnerships with other companies to use their black card with for special discounts. All of these discounts and benefits come at the cost of a $250 annually.

Magnises is currently home to the east side of Manhattan, in a wonderful Rivington Hotel, as to appeal to the professionals of the current generation. The Magnise’s penthouse also doubles as a club and social lounge for its members, where they can organize meetings, parties, lectures, and private events.

The company has become self sufficient and has managed to raise millions of dollars in funding to date. Currently, Magnises is always on the lookout to expand on their network and partnerships, so they may add to their impressive list of perks for their clients.