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IAP Worldwide, Inc. Acquires the Two Units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide, Inc. has acquired Logistics and Aviation business (A&L) situated in Oklahoma City. It has also acquired Network Solutions and Tactical Communications business (TCNS) located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. TCNS provides information technology, engineering, communication support solutions to agencies including the United States Defense Department. A&L provides mission and logistics support, and aircraft repair management services. IAP Worldwide on Hoovers will integrate the two unique talents and capabilities acquired from TCNS and A&L businesses as their longstanding growth policy.

The acquisition of the two companies is set to increase IAP Worldwide capability to deliver solutions to customers. This action will increase the size of their addressable market twice. The acquired businesses are planned to integrate into one business department. Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. CEO. Says that the addition of communication, aviation, and networking business technologies from DRS will fit into IAP naturally. The companies will expand IAP portfolio and solution Providence to international organizations and government agencies including the United States.

While we based our organic growth realized through lean operations, we established a strategy that will make it possible. The company is focused on innovating, focused discipline, and lean operatives in their government plan to deliver services and solutions on For them to complement their core business solutions, they integrated the two acquired companies into one unit. This action demonstrates the support realized from the board of management and investors. The company has a long-term pledge towards serving their clients.

About IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.
IAP is the leading global services company that has more than six decades of substantial experience. The company provides a broad range of solutions and services to the United States and other agencies. It is a high-end leader program management provisions in seasons. The company integrates and leverages its capabilities to provide reliable, innovative, and safe solutions to meet the intended need of their customers. Costumers on come with their complex and diverse challenges to find solutions with IAP Worldwide. The headquarters of the company is located in Florida. For over 20 countries, the company has more than 100 locations. IAP has offices in Washington, D.C. area, the United Kingdom, Panama City, FL, and the Middle East.

Compliance and Ethics
For the company, solving customer problems in the most efficient way means doing the right things. The company ventures into training its employees to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of professional and moral conduct. More information on,_Inc./Salary

The IAP Worldwide Company Structure

At IAP Worldwide, Douglas Kitani is the CEO and Director of a company that well known around the globe. Under his leadership, a team of innovative professionals help the communities all around the world when they have disasters hit. Since they have the ability to reach remote locations, they are able to get to the area and assist with technology and healthcare needs. For this reason, they visit many, military installations on a regular basis. In each case, they practice their mission with immense integrity always respecting the people that they deal with during their mission.

The Company

The IAP Worldwide has a set of values that they practice. They are interested in leadership, history, ethics and compliance and partners. Since they act responsibly in all of their efforts, they are always well respected. It is important to them to find new and innovative solutions, and they produce fantastic results at all times. With so much to offer others, they are always solving problems for others with unique ways.

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Who Works For Them?

Over 2,000 men and women work for IAP in areas all across the world. They come from all different backgrounds. Their educations and experience allow them to work on the most difficult of tasks, and complete them in a timely manner. They are all dedicated to their work, making it an important part of their lives. Being proud to work for a company that is so respected is an added bonus to their employment with IAP. They are interested in others as well as promoting a safe and prosperous world as they take on difficult tasks on a regular basis. They are adept at what they do, and they are able to complete huge undertakings when they are called upon to do so.

All of their missions are successful at IAP Worldwide. They are sought after by many different communities for their impeccable work, never failing to produce fantastic results. When they take on a task, it is always completed in a timely manner. They have the highest regards for other people, and they continue to be respected in their field. When they need to assist people, they give a humanitarian effort that is always rivaled by other companies in the field. The future looks great for IAP Worldwide, and they will continue to see more and more success in the endeavors that they take on throughout the world.

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IAP Worldwide’s Fast, Efficient and Diverse Services

IAP Worldwide is a prominent company that’s centered around things that are seemingly impossible. The people who work for IAP Worldwide assist clients with serious natural disasters, emergencies, communication needs and more. They respond to taxing situations in areas all around the world as well. IAP Worldwide’s main focuses are expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, government services, information technology and aviation engineering. It employs thousands of professionals who are knowledgeable in these topics.

Head executives at IAP Worldwide include Douglas Kitani and Terry DeRosa. Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer and DeRosa is the Chief Financial Officer. Members of the company’s board of directors include director Edward Bayone, director Peter R. Frank, chairman Admiral William Flanagan (also known as “Bud”) and director Dean Popps Esq.

Clients often depend on the team at IAP Worldwide for their extensive answers regarding power solutions. Power distribution and generation are important topics for the company. IAP Worldwide routinely collaborates with companies that specialize in electric power. They do this to bring power back to neighborhoods that have been turned upside down due to disasters. IAP Worldwide also sometimes constructs brand new plants. They do this with the cooperation of eco-friendly technological practices. IAP Worldwide is committed to helping clients maintain electricity that’s consistent and reliable. The company zeroes in on everything from renewable energy and power plant operations to both permanent power and temporary power.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

The experts at IAP Worldwide frequently concentrate on government services. Aviation support is an example of a service the company offers. The company regularly assists clients that are searching for help with safety, fire, airfield engineering, air traffic control and airfield management. Employees at IAP Worldwide install navigation and communication devices that can get airplanes to land in safe and secure manners.

Expeditionary infrastructure is among IAP Worldwide’s most widely known services. The brains behind the company frequently work to change harsh and severe settings. They aim to make these settings significantly more comfortable and livable. They accomplish this by concentrating on facilities maintenance, utilities, power fields, emergency assistance and overall health.

There are thousands of people around the planet who work for IAP Worldwide. These professionals are based in numerous countries, too. The company’s main branch is in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It also has locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Panama City, Florida, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia. It has international presences in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Dorset, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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