Can Wen Conditioner Transform Your Hair?

WEN shampoos and conditioners have gotten a lot of celebrity endorsements, and customers claim that the products can soften and smooth the hair using natural ingredients like plant and flower extracts and oils.
If you’ve ever considered becoming a Wen customer, Emily McClure, a Youtube blogger did a review for Bustle, it could help you decide if Wen products are for you. McClure tried the Fig conditioner for seven days, and she was pretty satisfied overall.

Emily had to use a lot of conditioner to make sure all of her hair was being properly conditioned. However, she says that her hair felt healthier and thicker after the first day of the experiment. She continued using the conditioner each morning for the next two days, and loved the results.

McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair on the fourth day, but the conditioner was still giving her hair a moisturized and frizz-free shine. She added some curls to her hair for body and volume, but they didn’t stay very long, since the Fig conditioner made her hair oily.

Emily says that she’d use Fig conditioner again, and said that the product had a pleasant smell and worked well. McClure also said that Wen by Chaz Dean conditioner is best for women who wash their hair daily, and for women with hair that is thinning or naturally thin.

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