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Changing Cultures

When running a business, one of the most important aspects of success is the culture of the company you own. There are a lot of companies that have a culture of losing and rigidness to change. Bruce Levenson took over the Atlanta Hawks at a time when the team was accustomed to losing. However, after a short time, he was able to change the culture and start to impact positive change in a variety of ways. Right now, he is embattled in a lawsuit having to do with his time with the Hawks. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, start with the culture. This is what Bruce Levenson did, and he had a lot of success in both the short term and the long term.

Atlanta Hawks

Just a few years ago, the Hawks were one of the worst basketball teams in the NBA. Bruce Levenson saw an opportunity to purchase the team and improve them over time. If you are someone who wants to take a chance on life, he is a great person to emulate. He did a great job of investing in his team, and he wants to help other people do the same in their business. He always had a goal in mind, and then he worked hard to execute that goal. This is a great example of the power of focus over time.


Even though he is in the middle of a lawsuit, Bruce Levenson still finds time for charity. This is something that is important to him, and he has done a great job of investing in other people throughout his whole life. Over the next few years, he will continue to find ways to impact others in a positive way. Read more about this on PR


Educating People About The Holocaust Is Something Bruce Levenson Does

The holocaust is a terrible tragedy. Nazi ideology was one that doomed millions of people to a horrible death merely because they fit into certain categories such as being Jewish or being gay. During this time frame in history, many people including young children were also held in camps and forced to to slave labor for many years. Helping people learn about this tragedy and perhaps create a world in which it can never, ever happen has been the work of businessman Bruce Levenson has a personal connection with this issue as it has personally affected his family.

The Creation Of A Museum

Perhaps the most important way in which Levenson has been able to contribute to ongoing efforts to help educate people about this issue has been the creation of a holocaust museum. Washington, D.C. is where Levenson grew up. It is also where he has has chosen to make his home today. It is no surprise to those who know him to find out that he has been heavily involved in the creation of a United States Holocaust museum that is dedicated o educating people about this event in history. As a founding donor of this museum, he has been instrumental in offering people who live in the area the chance to learn about it.

Helping Visitors

According to Time Magazine, he has also been instrumental in creating programs for visitors to this country and city to learn about it. The museum is located on the mall, a historic area that is home to many important museums in the country. This museum has received thousands of visitors each week since it was opened. Levenson knows that he can continue to offer the kind of education that is necessary to make sure that that people will not forget about this terrible worldwide tragedy.



Investing Visionary Stephen Murray Dead at 52

Stephen Murray, from a youthful age, has always been a financial visionary. Graduating from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in Economics, Mr. Murray would set about climbing the corporate ladder by joining Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company as a credit trainee. Through hard work Mr. Murray would eventually gain the title of vice president of middle market lending with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company on In 1989 the Manufacturers Hanover Trust would become part of JP Morgan investors. Mr. Murray stayed on with this role of JP Morgan until 2006.

2006 saw Steve Murray become a foundation partner of CCMP, a firm created for growth equity investments and mid-level buyouts. This business was a separate branch of JP Morgan and had a good year last year with a 3.6 billion dollar fund.

Mr. Steve Murray was a skilled financial investor, but will be better known to friends and family for his generous and modest spirit. Mr Murray enjoyed helping different charitable organizations achieve goals to assist the general public. Mr. Murray served on the board of the Make a Wish Foundation in New York on as well as numerous other charitable organizations such as; the food bank of Lower Fairfield County. Loved for his kind nature, Mr. Murray was known around his community as a compassionate family man whose love and pride in his fours sons were evident.

Mr. Steve Murray passed away peacefully in his Connecticut house on March 12 after a bout of an undisclosed illness. Continuing with his service to the public in mind, the family has been asking in lieu of flowers that donations be made to local food banks.