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Todd Lubar is a Businessman Who Cares About Others

Todd Lubar became interested in the real estate early on in his life. He figured he could best fulfill his desire to help others by going into the industry. If real estate couldn’t offer him the chance to help those in need he probably would’ve chosen a different career path. Lubar genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others.

He is the founder of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also serves as President. On top of that, he is Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. His first job in business was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, as a loan originator. He left the corporation four years after being hired in 1995. While not yet where he wanted to be in his career, he gained valuable knowledge of conservative Mortgage banking. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

After leaving Crestar he took an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. While there, he had a huge hand in the improvement of the Maryland Legacy Financial office.

Years later, he would become one of the foremost investors in the market. His skills and expertise has landed him on the list of top 25 mortgage originators across the nation more than once. In addition, Todd Lubar has ventured into other industries besides real estate in his accomplished career. After the financial collapse of 2007, he ventured into the entertainment industry, construction, mortgage banking, etc.

Lubar attended Syracuse University, where he received his B.A. in speech communication.

Todd Lubar is who he is today because of a magic trick or lucky coin. He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire today because of hard work, determination, and belief in one’s self. No matter how hard you work to reach a goal you’ll never achieve it as long as you don’t believe you can. Sometimes the key to success is finding the balance between confident and cocky. Once you figure that out the sky is the limit. You can visit his page to know more.




David Giertz Discusses Misconceptions About Social Security and Retirement

Retirement is something every working citizen looks forward to when they reach retirement age 62 or full retirement age 65. In a 2016 Nationwide Retirement Institute Study, people who have reached retirement age and those who were near retirement had misconceptions about their social security benefits. David Giertz, president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financials told CNBC that pensions are drying up and going out of existence. He says it’s imperative to create a retirement plan for income that includes social security as part of full retirement benefits. He also said that financial advisors should communicate with their clients about social security after a survey revealed consumers’ advisors avoided the topic.



Another misconception Mr.Giertz said retirees and future retirees have about social security is the eligibility age. Although, the age for people to start drawing their social security is 62, the full retirement age is 65 to 67. He said that retirees who wait until full retirement receive higher monthly income, compared to early withdrawal retirees. The retire checks are even higher if they wait beyond full retirement age, he explained. Giertz added that the full retirement annual retirement amount will grow by eight percent if they start social security benefits beyond full retirement age.



David Giertz joined Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales as Senior Vice President, in April 2013. He became President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporation one month earlier. Mr. Giertz brings over 28 years of experience in the banking, investment, and insurance industries. He’s a financial planning professional with expertise in social security benefits and building retirement investment portfolios. David ended the discussion stating that taxation is another misconception involving social security benefits, as well as, unexpected health problems having an influence.




Bruce Levenson sues an insurance company

Bruce Levenson is a Jewish American businessman, who was born on October 1, 1949. He is a philanthropist ( who formerly owned an NBA team. Levenson is one of the founders of Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC owned the Philips Arena and the Atlanta basketball team. He also worked on the NBA board of governors as the Hawks’ governor, and later become the co-founder of United Communication Group in 1977.

Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry in 2012, in the capacity of the president of baskets operation and also as the general manager of Hawks Company. Danny Ferry before joining the Hawks Company he played for Cleveland Cavaliers and after retiring he served as the Cavaliers general manager, and also served at San Antonio Spurs as the vice president of operations, and later joined the Hawks. This made him the perfect choice of Bruce Levenson.

In 2014 Bruce Levenson announced his interest in selling his share of Atlanta Hawks group with the help of an investment bank firm. Later the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks basketball and the NBA franchise sued the New Hampshire Insurance company due to the breach of the contract concerning settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry.

The case was filed in a superior court on 13th September. AHBE claims it was insured and covered against loss associated with employment practices but not against workplace torts or wrongful terminations. According to the documents the insurance company was given notice by AHBE on April 2, 2015, that was believed to be asserted by Danny Ferry that shows it was covered.

For more info, visit brucelevenson’s  website and Wiki page.

Devco Deals with Unpaid Loan of $20 million

Last month has seen a failure of he Middlesex County Improvement Authority to pay what it owed to DEVCO. The Improvement Authority is already behind in payments by $7 million. It has been in debt for 5 years. The initial loan was issued in 2005 for the construction of a New Brunswick hotel under the name of The Heldrich. The development of the hotel was carried out by DEVCO. Senate President Stephen Sweeney has touted this corporation as an example of the possibilities that could be carried out with public money that is received from private firms. This is one of the larger scale construction projects that were going to add value to the area.
DEVCO is a private real estate development firm that operates as a nonprofit. The firm has been established with the intention of bringing forth developments that will improve the conditions of the area so that more people will want to visit and even live in the area. DEVCO is also good at creating alliances that are good for the improvement of the property value of the community. Among the type of partnerships that it has formed are powerful partnerships between public and private businesses. They have also managed almost $1.6 billion in investments in the area of New Brunswick.

As of right now, The Improvement Authority is still hard at work in putting together The Heldrich, says Devco’s Chris Paladino. They are still working on the project. If there is one thing that could be admired about the company, it is that they are willing to finish what they started. Once they finish the project, the hotel will be opened up and the revenue that is generated from the hotel will be used to pay off the bonds that they have owed. While things may look a little rough, there is a huge possibility that the developers will be able to push through their challenges.

The original article can be read on Press of Atlantic City.