Doe Deere is a model for young women who want to follow their dreams

Doe Deere was recently interviewed by Guest of a Guest and they covered everything from how she got her start in make-up to her inspiration. You may already know how great her products are but what you may not know is what a great example she is for girls and other young women who want to follow their dreams and be entrepreneurs, too. Besides being a beauty guru, Deere is a strong business woman. She was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine and loves inspiring other women to work toward their goals.


Deere originally started out as a musician but, if you go a little farther back, she got her first taste of owning her own business when she was just 13 and selling temporary tattoos. She said that she even learned about marketing by wearing and popularizing them herself first. After she made them cool the kids in her school wanted one, too.


Later, she learned more about business and marketing while in a band after moving to New York city. There she met her husband and they worked together to promote the band and write songs. Now they work together to get their message out and build Lime Crime.


In 2008, she couldn’t find the kind of colorful, bold make-up that she wanted to wear so she made it herself. After starting her business, Lime Crime, she connected with many other women who also loved those fun, creative colors. She majored in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and understands that part of self expression for women is using fashion, hair, and make up together. Deere hopes that women feel freedom to be themselves and show who they are when using Lime Crime make-up.


Lime Crime takes pride in being trail blazers and trend setters. They have been leaders in the beauty industry ever since their beginning. They love being different and shaking things up.


Doe also desires to inspire other young women to follow their dreams just like she did. She believes that everyone has some special and unique gift in them that they can share with the world. Her advice to other women includes encouraging them to follow their hearts and share their passions with others who have similar interests and passions.


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