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Kate Hudson Has Built Something that Matters

Kate Hudson does not just take on giants in the movies; she takes on giants in the business world as well. Her company, Fabletics, is going toe-to-toe with the giant business known as Amazon. Many people thought she was crazy for taking this juggernaut business head on. The reason for this is because Amazon already controls 20% of the e-commerce fashion industry. How can somebody as small as Fabletics compete with Amazon? Kate Hudson decided that she would find out.


Her primary way of beating Amazon is by using a subscription model to promote her athleisure brand. The subscription model allows women to put credit cards on file and in return, every month they will receive new clothes that fit their lifestyle. These clothes are meant to empower and encourage women to not only be comfortable but also to become a better them.


Kate Hudson also wanted to expand her market by having physical retail locations. Unfortunately, there is a plague spreading through retail stores even as I write this. The plague is known as showrooming. If you are not aware, showrooming is the idea that a customer enters your store to peruse things but not buy them at your location. Instead, what they will do is go back home look for the same product online and buy it for the best price they can find.


Kate Hudson ended the threat of showrooming by implementing a tactic known as reverse showrooming. The idea was to make sure that those who entered her store were already customers. She achieved this by hosting local events that built relationships with the community and touched their lives in meaningful ways. By doing these local events, Kate Hudson discovered those coming into the Fabletics stores we’re already her customers. Those who were not her customers when they entered the door became her customers by the time they left.


Kate Hudson says that this is a dream come true and that she is in this to the end. Her daily commitment proves that’s true.


If you were looking for clothes are comfortable, beautiful, and empowering, then I would encourage you to take their lifestyle quiz. The quiz is only six questions long. These questions cover everything from activity level to body type to preferred fabrics. By answering these questions honestly, you will not only find the perfect outfit; you will also be motivated to get active.

Fabletics Fashion Authenticity – Kate Hudson’s Approval

You will always be the star of the show at the gym or be the starting team mom playing soccer with the kids with an athleisure fashion selection from Fabletics. Kate Hudson’s collection has surpassed the competition by leaps and bounds due the selection catering to all bodies types and being affordably priced. Fabletics general manager, Greg Throgmartin, was willing to take the chance that Apple and Warby Parker took, to build an innovative version of a high quality brand at reasonable pricing from the beginning with a the forward thinking market plan of the reverse showroom technique.


In the fashion world of activeware, women have paid a higher price for high quality brands, until now. Fabletics has utilized technology with the reverse showroom technique allowing the customer to determine that Fabletics is the high quality product they are searching for at an affordable price with comfort and durability. The fashion subscription to Fabletics increase customer satisfaction with it’s simplicity. You can visit one of Fabletics locations to familiarize yourself with Kate’s collection and then order online. This shopping method allows you the freedom to take a few moments finding the right Fabletics outfit in the one of their locations and then have your next outfit delivered to your door. You no longer have to sacrifice your wallet or time traipsing to the mall to aquire inspirational activeware. Every month you get the option of a brand new outfit or to skip a month.


Shopping online has grown in popularity due to convenience for busy schedules. Kate understands that clothing, especially an outfit that is for highly active women, cannot be produced in a cookie cutter fashion. There is no wrong fit because the garments are fitted to several body types to provide comfort whether you are cross training, exploring a new Barre fitness class, or racing across the jungle gym with your kids. She understands that the perfect fit for you might not be the perfect fit for your workout partner. Being a red carpet veteran, Kate still believes in quality and comfort with an affordable price tag and Fabletics holds the authenticity standard she requires.


Don’the miss this opportunity to explore your fashionable athleisure choices. Take the Lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics outfit best suits you. What are you waiting for? The perfect fit of a high quality garment at an affordable price waiting for you.

How Fabletics is Doing it Different

Fabletics is a store that sells what is typically referred to as “athleisure”, or women’s sportswear and sports accessories. It is an online retailer that requires a subscription and in exchange for the subscription, the members get personalized outfits which are chosen for them by stylists based on certain questions to show their style preference and their lifestyle.


Fabletics was started in July of 2013 by famous actress Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The store was officially launched a few months later on October 1st, 2013. Later on, in June of 2015, Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson, helped them launch a men’s active wear line. The company expanded even more in March of 2016 by adding swimsuits and even dresses to their online shop. Fabletics has also started numerous pop-up shops in various locations.


Fabletics has grown it’s business to $250 million in only three years. So what’s the secret? Fabletics makes it quite simple. Customers are interested in brands that push them so when you combine that with the convenience of online shopping and having styles chosen for you, as well as a membership, then you come up with a combination that is powerful. Having a membership is what allows Fabletics to give not only a personalized service but also fashion choices that are on-trend at only half the price of what other’s active wear is selling for.


The majority of Fabletics’ competitors are “getting killed” by something that is known as showrooming. This is where people are searching offline, or in a store, for something that they want but then later finding it somewhere else, usually online, for much cheaper. Fabletics has done something completely different by reversing this model, since they started out as an online shop. Fabletics has turned the browsing aspect of shopping into a positive, instead of into a negative like other in-store competitors. The current strategy of this company allows them to not only build and grow relationships with their customers, but also be a company that can be relied on and through events as well as activities, get to know and understand the markets better. Because of this, at least 30-50% of customers who walk through the pop-up shop doors are currently members, and even another 25% will sign up as a member in the store. Not only this, but Fabletics also does not care where the customer purchases in store, whatever is tried on will also be added to the customer’s online shopping cart, also. This makes for an easy check-out later when that customer gets home, if they decide not to purchase in store.