The draft and your fantasy leagues

There is a lot of luck involved in fantasy football, and the draft is a good place to start your educated guessing. There is usually a rookie that makes a huge impact on a team, and that of course can change the fortunes of any fantasy football league. So while checking mlb lineups, don’t neglect to pay attention to the draft.

Usually it is a running back that makes a big splash. It was not that big of a surprise last year when Dallas picked Ezekiel Elliot and he ran for a lot of yardage. That would have been a safe pick in the first few rounds of your fantasy league draft. But, picking up someone like Dak Prescott in the late rounds, would have made you look like a genius as you marched through the season and won the championship.

Go ahead and pick up the obvious star running backs and top quarterbacks in the third or fourth round.

The key is to get lucky by picking up other rookies in the late rounds. Some team that has a need, like quarterback at Cleveland, is a good choice. How many people picked up RG3 in the late rounds of his rookie season? Those that did hit the jackpot.

There is no sure fire way of absolutely knowing, but studying the needs of teams, and how they fill those needs on draft day, will give you a good idea for an educated guess when your fantasy league has its draft.