Kheradpir Takes The Helm At Coriant

Effective leadership is vital. This is particularly true in the telecommunications industry. Telecommunications companies need strong people in charge in order to help them better serve the needs of their customers in a fast changing field. This is one of many reasons why those at Coriant have appointed him to be in charge of the company’s many activities. Coriant, a worldwide leader in the telecommunications industry, is poised to see even further growth in the future under his skilled leadership. Officials here are pleased to welcome him to their community and look forward to having him at the helm as they look for ways to assist workers in realizing their vision.

Annual Revenues

Coriant is a telecommunications giant with estimated revenues of well over a billion each year. Officials here seek to distinguish themselves from the competition and continue to expand the company into new markets all over the work. They are confident they can count on Kheradpir to help them meet such goals and continue to remain on top of the world of technology as the company heads into the next decade.

His Background

Kheradpir is well suited to the world of telecommunications. He has many years of experience in this field. His own educational background includes many years of study in the field. Kheradpir earned multiple degrees from Cornell University in Upstate New York including an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree and a doctorate involving many years of study and original research. He knows that contemporary communications are heavily dependent on continued innovation in this arena. This is why he is happy to assume a role in helping provide the kind of leadership necessary to help assist customers of Coriant get exactly what they need from this industry.

His Own Vision

In moving to Coriant, Kheradpir knows that many employees here are counting on his ideas.  This is his vision in which he is confident that company employees and managers can be right on top of the necessary services their customers have come to expect when working with Coriant. This is why many observers are hopeful that the company will continue to thrive in the contemporary technological world.