Roberto Santiago: The Man With A Vision For Fun And Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is a fifty-eight-year-old business tycoon from Brazil. He is the founder and owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping in the Manaíra neighborhood in João Pessoa, Brazil. The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall is regarded as one of the most contemporary and well-planned shopping malls in all of Brazil. With fully equipped facilities and a state of the art theater which have 11 screens and a VIP screen, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping mall is soon becoming one of the most iconic malls in Brazil.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping mall gives its highest priority to its customers. The mall currently offers its patrons a good mix of leisure, shopping, dining, and activity. Established in 2013, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping mall offers families a chance to sit back and relax and enjoy a day of fun and excitement at the mall. The mall has a wide range of entertainment options on to choose from along with numerous shopping outlets and a fully equipped theater.

The two keynotes that the mall was designed on was fun and entertainment. The mall also has an electronic amusement part within the complex as well as a bowling alley. The Mall aims to be a center for good family entertainment while offering excellent customer service. The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping mall also has a special ‘Gourmet Space’ that offers its patrons a chance to get away from the excitement that the mall has to offer and sit down and enjoy a quiet meal. If a quiet meal isn’t your style, then the mall has various other options, such as attending music events at the Domus Hall which is one of the biggest concert halls in João Pessoa

Before constructing one of the biggest and most well-equipped malls in all of Brazil, Roberto Santiago started off his professional career while working at the Cafe Santa Rosa in Brazil. He then invested his money into a company that produces and manufactures various decorative and home decor and utility items.

By gaining experience and knowledge in the field of business on, Roberto Santiago was able to translate his expertise into his latest venture the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping mall which has proven to be a huge success.

Santiago attended college at Pio X-Marist College after which he attended University at the University Center of João Pessoa in Brazil. He is a huge fan of sports, particularly motocross. He has earned numerous trophies with awards in motocross and kart competitions.