The Positive Impact of Clays Siegall’s Research Undertakings.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a renowned biotechnology expert who has conducted a lot of research that has benefited the pharmaceuticals industry. He has been serving as the CEO of the Seattle Genetics since 1998 when he co-founded it. The company is recognized for the great therapies that it has established for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Siegall has played a significant role in the development of FDA approved antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). The biotechnology company has been successful in the formation of over 20 drugs by partnering with leading pharmaceuticals firms such as Pfizer and Bayer. Clay is also a top academic scholar. He attended the George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics and also got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

Siegall has dedicated himself to working with various researchers in his company to create ideal cancer treatments. He believes that chemotherapies cause a lot of harm to the human body, and therefore, there is need to develop better drugs that are less destructive. The drug portfolio of the company has been increasing over the years. The research works of Clay Siegall has been motivated by his interest to create the best cancer treatment. He has assisted Seattle Genetics in growing into one of the United States’ leading biotechnology research hubs. All the products that the company has commercialized have been approved by the FDA. Seattle Genetics has been generating significant profits from the time it held its IPO about ten years ago.

Clay Seigall had worked as a senior researcher in different organizations before the founding of Seattle Genetics. He worked for six years at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which is a leading pharmaceutical research institute. Before joining the firm, Siegall served the National Cancer Institute, which is an organization that is managed by the US government. The skills and experience that Clay has gained throughout his career have enabled him to be appointed to the boards of Ultragenynx Pharmaceutical, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, and Washington Roundtable. Clay has published more than 70 books that contain his research work, and he also holds about 15 patents.