From Startup To Mega Brand, The Story Of Evolution Of Smooth

What Is Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm and beauty brand that was created in 2006. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky are the three original founders of the firm. Mr. Mehra worked for firms such as Unilever and PepsiCo, which deal with packaged goods that are sold to consumers. Mr. Teller and Mr. Dubitsky meanwhile, worked at startup incubators, where new ideas are turned into budding new businesses.

The three founders of Evolution of Smooth got their idea for the brand when they looked at the health and beauty aisle of major supermarkets and pharmacies. They pondered the idea of what product category they could enter and disrupt with a new innovation. The lip balm category of the beauty aisle seemed to be a prime entry point.

Already well versed in business, Teller, Dubitsky and Mehra decided to do a comprehensive research report on the lip balm market. They found that except for a few minor changes, that products in the lip balm aisle have remained unchanged for almost a hundred years. The ingredients, colors, flavors and packaging were pretty much the same for over a century.

Realizing a chance to disrupt the market and with a prime opportunity to launch a new business, the trio came up with EOS lip balm. It would be set apart by the following. Evolution of Smooth lip balms would be made from 99% or 100% all natural ingredients. It would feature an all natural as well as organic lip balm lines. Another differentiation was the EOS lip balm would come in a sphere shaped package instead of the traditional stick format. The packaging would also be bright and colorful and not drab and unappealing. EOS balms would also be available in many different fruity and sweet flavors (see: instead of having no flavor or just mint and cherry as its competitors at the time had. EOS lip balms are available on Walmart, Target and online on Amazon or eBay.

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