Skout Teams With Food Bank For Brilliant Project

Skout is more than just an app designed to help people expand their social circles. Skout is a highly successful northern California business that has achieved quite a bit of growth for a startup. Skout has reaped a lot of success. Now, Skout is going to share some of its success on National Potato Chip Day. Don’t laugh about the day picked by Skout. Skout has a good plan it is going to carry out on that unofficial national holiday.

Skout is working with SF-Marin Food Bank to distribute food to upwards of 20,000 people in need. An unfortunate number of people in the San Francisco Bay area are struggling with hunger. Skout wants to help those people get the nutrition they need to stay healthy. So, on National Potato Chip Day, Skout is encouraging the users of its app to send virtual potato chip gifts to others on the social platform.

Skout has a tracking program in place to notate all those virtual potato chip bags that are circulated throughout the platform. For every potato chip bag sent out, Skout will send a corresponding donation of cash to the food bank. The funds directed to the food bank are then used to purchase food for people who are in need.

This is the second joint venture between Skout and the SF-Marin Food Bank. The first was done in conjunction with National Grilled Cheese Day. The joint project between the two helped feed around 10,000 people.

Planning these joint projects in conjunction with a unique, whimsical holiday is a good idea. Doing so infuses a bit of enthusiasm into the process. As a result, more people are willing to participate.

Skout definitely has a large number of people to draw on for participants.  Skout is designed to help people meet others for dating and friendship. As these charitable projects show, people can work together for various causes intended to help those in need.

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