Month: October 2017

Fine Art Meets Fashion at Academy of Art University

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University recently exhibited a prominent show at Skylight Clarkson Square for New York Fashion week on September 9, 2017. Ten graduates collaborated to create pieces of clothing that show how what we wear can serve as fine art, a story of our past, and a gateway to new futures.

Materials used were diverse – vinyl, denim, wool, jersey and leather were just a few of the chosen fabrics for these highly expressive pieces. While some people were inspired by narratives when creating their looks, others attempted to capture more abstract qualities, such as the movement of the ocean’s waves, or the contrast of light and dark as shadows move across forms.

The show was a testament to the quality of innovative and cutting edge education one can find at the Academy of Art University. Not only do these outfits require a very high quality of education, but they also require modern and well equipped studio space that allows for the students to work at the best quality with various materials.

Academy of Art University’s appearance at fashion week also brought to light the diverse approaches to fashion each graduate has taken the time to find mastery in. The program offers training in costume design, knitwear design, fashion in journalism, merchandising, fashion styling, textile design, and visual merchandising.

The academy takes a holistic approach that allows for students to know what can “make or break” by thinking of their design as complex systems. The success that students find from this curriculum is hardly a personal opinion. Many graduates go on to design for big name brands such as Louis Vuitton, Levi Strauss & Co., Adidas, Chanel, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade.

Be sure to get involved in this wonderful program, no matter where your interest in the fashion world lies! Many opportunities to see student work occur throughout each year, and if you are feeling truly inspired by the work being brought to New York Fashion Week, it may be best to submit your own application to the program!

Adam Milstein Israeli Real Estate Investor and Non-Profit Leader

Adam is an active philanthropist, community leader, and real estate investor. As a philanthropic leader, Adam Milstein’s work is centered on fundraising, consulting and partnership development in a bid to support programs focused on Jewish education and strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

According to Adam his philanthropy philosophy is guided by three principles, and they include:

Active philanthropy. Through the Milstein Family Foundation, Adam and his wife provide technical support and guidance which ensures all missions make an impact and are successful. Mr. Milstein invests in various non-profit organizations that work to educate and empower the Jewish community in the United States. As a result, Milstein is highly committed to using his expertise to help projects, organizations, and programs that he supports become successful.

Life path impact. The success story of Adam’s charitable work is achieved because he continuously engages with his target audiences in all stages of their lives. Adam has supported and created a variety of programs tailored for childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, with a primary goal of establishing personal connections with his target audience.

Philanthropic synergy. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation partners with other nonprofit organizations that share their vision which helps develop programmatic synergies and partnerships. This philosophy gives room for organizations to have a greater reach as opposed to if they worked individually.

About Mr. Milstein

Mr. Milstein hails from Israel and during the Yom Kippur War, he served in the IDF. In 1978, Adam graduated from the Technion. In 1981, he arrived in the United States and obtained an MBA from USC. In 1983, Mr. Milstein kick-started his career in the real estate sector but currently he is a managing partner at a private real estate investment firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam also serves as a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. He also sits on the boards of various organizations, including StandWithUs, the AIPAC National Council, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Hillel and the Jewish Funders Network. Also, Adam and his partner co-founded the Sifriyat Pajama B’America, a well-known philanthropic organization which offers Hebrew books that teach Jewish values every month at no cost.

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Sawyer Howitt And Millennial Entrepreneurship

Sawyer Howitt has lots of knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurship and millenials. It is now the high time to about entrepreneurship startups with the rising millennial generation that is currently taking root in the society. Millennials are said to be at a good advantage, having gone through the Great Financial Crisis successfully.

According to studies, Millenials start almost 160,000 new businesses every month. This number is extraordinary and it also illustrates the interest that millennials have when it comes to entrepreneurship. There has been a strong desire by millennials to escape the boundaries that exist in traditional employment and the many restrictions that it has one a lifestyle of an individual.

An established entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt has a strong family connection to running and starting a business. He is the son of the founder of Meriwether Group, David Howitt, a company he worked with as a project manager. Sawyer Howitt has experience in startups and what is needed for it to thrive. He understands the operational and financial requirements needed to start a new business adventure. He also commits himself to learning the manner in which companies adapt to the technological changes which lead to opportunities and obstacles for new startups. Sawyer Howitt says that customer service is a crucial element when it comes to the success of any particular business.

Through his knowledge of entrepreneurship, Sawyer Howitt has managed to develop a number of cities which are known for their success in startups. They include Austin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Santa Monica, Denver, and Yorba Linda. Due to their strong infrastructure, these cities are known to be well-suited for new startups. Sawyer Howitt is an active philanthropist who is committed to giving back to the community. He offers both his resources and time to the local charitable organizations so as to enrich the lives of individuals. Sawyer Howitt supports mentorship groups and is involved in the fight for equality of women. He is a huge fan of the Portland Trailblazers and some of his hobbies include racquetball and fishing. He continues to attend the University of California, Berkeley where he is building his vision in entrepreneurship.

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Jason Hope Highly Respected and Renowned Technology Expert and Entrepreneur

One of the biggest names in the world of technology in the United States is that of Jason Hope. He is the co-founder of many of the technology start-ups and has invested in a stream of mobile technology firms over the years, which has grown to become highly successful. Jason Hope believes that even though it may seem that the days of mobile technology is over and the market of mobile tech is highly saturated, there is a lot of scope for growth, innovation, and development. Many of the mobile technology companies that he is associated with are researching on finding breakthrough technologies for personal and professional use of the people.

As a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is always on the lookout for new technologies. One of the latest technologies that have fascinated Jason Hope is the Internet of Things technology. He believes that the Internet of Things technology has the power to change the future and make things much easier than what it is now in many of the sectors and even in personal applications. Internet of Things technology would actually connect different devices on the same network and these devices would then communicate with each other and work as a unit. It would help in making things faster and efficient at work and also help in reducing cost. In many of the industries, including in the manufacturing sector, such a technology would assist in streamlining many of the processes and reduce the workload on the employees. Thus, it would assist in increasing productivity and improve efficiency while at the same time decreasing the cost of the processes.

Jason Hope feels that the Internet of Things is the next big thing in the world of technology and can help with the development of many sectors. He is excited as there are many IoT enabled devices that have been launched recently, many others are due to be launched soon. As more and more people get to know about IoT and use it, more, it would make its way into the mainstream world, which is what Jason Hope is hoping for. He believes that the smart technology in use today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology in the future.

The aviation industry has already started adopting the IoT technology, and Jason Hope says that IoT has many applications in the transportation sector as well. He has done graduation in finance from University of Arizona and Masters in Business Administration from the reputed W.P. Carey School of Business. As a futurist, he also believes that the human beings can live for much longer than the current average lifespan and research on it extensively; he donates generously to the SENS Research Foundation. It is one of the biggest research foundations of its kind and does extensive research on many popular topics, including anti-aging and mortality.

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