Month: September 2017

Roberto Santiago Makes Exciting Mall for Brazil

Roberto Santiago is doing his best to make sure that people get the ultimate shopping experience when they come to Brazil. This is an area where he has specialized in bringing about the very best when it comes to shopping in a mega mall environment.


People appreciate what Roberto Santiago brings to the table. He is someone that has been able to maximize the experience for consumers that are touring Brazil, but he has also been able to provide quite a bit of enjoyment for locals that call Brazil home.


The reason he has been able to do this so successfully all starts with his great desire to prepare an environment that has a plethora of different things for customers to enjoy. There is a great amount of excitement connected to this company because it speaks to a crowd of people that like to hang out.


There has never been a time where consumers have had so many things to do all in one setting. Roberto Santiago has helped develop an establishment that has a plethora of stores, but there is also an amusement park. Many people marvel at this right away because few shoppers have experienced a full-fledged amusement park inside of a mall before.


There are malls that have things like swing sets and carousel rides, but there are few malls in the entire world that have a whole amusement park connected to it. Roberto Santiago knew that he was going to get quite a bit of attention with this, and he stayed the course when it came to developing this type of environment. It would not be an easy thing to do because it was something that had not been done before. Most people will agree that new projects such as this are risky, and many developers that deal with commercial real estate would bypass something like this because it presented too much of a risk. Roberto Santiago, however, believed that there would be a environment where people would embrace this. With the Manaira Mall he proved himself to be correct.


Roberto would also proved himself to be correct in the other areas where he would put forth the effort to bring in a bar and a bowling alley in the mall environment. This is also something that was not common in most shopping malls. The average shopping mall that people attend will have a lot of stores for shopping and a food court. That is about the extent of malls in America.


Roberto believes that real estate could thrive if people are willing to think outside of the box. That is what he did for real estate in Brazil, and that is how he became successful.

Simple and Easy ways to Prepare for your Lifeline Screening Visit

Getting a health checkup to detect any potential problems makes good sense. So, when people use Lifeline screening to screen their health it is a great way for them to evaluate what is really taking place within their body. If you are scheduled for Lifeline screening visit you should do some certain things to get ready for your appointment.

First, you should you should not eat any food at least 12 hours before your visit. Lifeline screening personnel will allow patients to drink a small amount of water before they come. They will also allow clients to swallow a small cup of tea or coffee. This amount should be no more than half a cup or 4 ounces. The no food rule is important to follow, since food will interfere with the tests.

Patients should also wear loose fitting clothing and short sleeve shirts. This is important for the examination process. Lifeline examiners will have to take a person’s blood pressure and they also need to listen to their breathing and heartbeat. Wearing loose fitting clothing helps examiners to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Items such as jewelry should not be worn at all. People who are used to wearing necklaces, lockets and bracelets should not wear them for their screening. Jewelry can interfere with some tests and cause some of the equipment to malfunction or alter the results.

The examiners also want you to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. Once you arrive check in at the counter to let the examiners know that you have arrived. You should then take a seat and wait until you are called back for your screening. The whole process should not take any more than an hour. However, some examinations will take more or less time.

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Beneful from Purina is Great Dog Food

Purina has a line of dog food that is selling fantastically well. It is called Beneful, and it has a variety of different kinds of tastes to it so you will find one that your dog will love. The food comes in a dry format, wet format and treats too.

The minerals and vitamins in this dog food are necessary for a dog’s growth. You will want to feed them this type of food in order to keep them strong and lean. Make sure that you take note how much your dog will love the taste of this dog food.

Purchasing Beneful can be made even more enjoyable by saving money. Clip the coupons that you will find on the Internet, and make sure that you always notice if there will be a sale or promotion at the store when you are visiting it.

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George Soros – A Dignified Man

A man by the name of George Soros has been assisting people throughout the world. He is a well-known philanthropist that continues to give a great example to other people. He wants them to offer to do the same, and care about people all over the world.

In The Beginning

Growing up Jewish, he witnessed a tremendous amount of hard times because of mistreatment by others that didn’t like Jews. But, like his family, he struggled forward, helping everyone that he could. This personality trait was instilled in him when he was just a boy, and it has carried over to his adult life.

The Open Society Foundation

In the year 1970, George Soros decided to have a Hedge Fund. After he set it up, he named the Soros Fund Management. It created a lot of wealth for him. He used this wealth to found the Open Society Foundation. Through his foundation, he helps people and organization based all over the world. Another way that he assists is by offering scholarships to those that will utilize the education to also be philanthropic towards humanity.

A Bad Time For George Soros

The Atlantic published an article that depicts the government saying that he is a terrorist, and a threat to capitalism and society. This was shocking to say the least.

George Soros Continues With His Philanthropic Mind

He hasn’t let it stop him from offering what he can to those that have so very little. What he has, he offers to others. Being a good example for others. About George Soros he will not stop doing what he does. He will always help those that are in need. His generosity is respected all across the globe. The future will find him giving even more from his money and his heart.

Rally dos Sertoes’ Influence on Rodrigo Terpins’ Beaming Rally Career

Rally dos Sertoes is one of the most celebrated rallying events in Brazil attracting over 50 competitors. That notwithstanding, the competition is also celebrated due to the high number of experienced rally drivers that it has brought to the limelight. Of all these rally drivers, Rodrigo Terpins emerges as one the most celebrated rally driver in Brazil. Since the annual event was launched, Rodrigo Terpins has participated in over ten competitions in the annual cross country event winning two of the events back to back.

Forming a Rally Team and Career Advancement

Since his debut in the contest has proved himself as a committed rally driver with a keen eye for success in these events. With such a spirit, he influenced his brother Michel Terpins to join car rally championship hence forsaking his love for the motor cycle competition in the same contest. Immediately after the 2002 Rally dos Sertoes event, they formed the Bull Sertoes Team, where they actively competed in the subsequent races until 2006. Together, they managed to stage following top ten finishes in the competitions from 2003 to 2006. After they parted to pursue solo careers, Rodrigo Terpins teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini who was instrumental in the advancement of his career as a professional rally driver.

More of Outstanding Achievements

According to, since Rodrigo acquired the T-Rex model of car for his T1 competition, he cemented his place in these competitions. As a duo, they were able to cruise through the rugged mountainous regions and the all-weather roads that proved difficult for the competitors to traverse. In the year 2007 that marked the 25th edition of the Rally dos Sertoes that proved itself as the game changer for Rodrigo. As per reports, coming to this competition with an improvement mentality, he won the two legs of the possible four legs that he competed. They also completed the race in a favorable time of 13 hours 51 minutes 40 seconds, which of the best records that were ever set in the competition. For the files, his timing was 2 hours ahead of his closest competitor to achieve one of Rodrigo’s most comfortable finishes. As a professional rally driver, he draws a lot of inspiration and avid commitment to the sport which took more than a decade to streamline.



Rick Libby Talks about The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is the new craze in town. Not only have people come to realize that they can make money from it, but they have realize that they could make that money while having a lot of fun. Besides, the Traveling Vineyard allows you to host parties at introduce new wines while people are having a good and easy time at their friend’s homes. Therefore, they are more likely to ask questions about the wines. And, if they like a certain bottle, there are better chances of buying.

Other than having fun while doing something that you love, The Traveling Vineyard provides wine guides with the opportunity to make money. And, the flexibility of the job allows you to work either full-time or part-time. Therefore, you can always choose to be a wine guide as a side job. Else, you can do the wine tasting business as the main gig.

Recent, Rick Libby was interviewed by, where he spoke of his journey with the Traveling Vineyard and how he got to a level where he employs over 5,000 wine guides. He told the online magazine that came up with the idea of Traveling Vineyard when he was hired by a catalog wine-selling company to come up with a strategy that would help them improve their revenues. It was during a discussion with a friend that, the idea of wine tasting in parties held at home, came up.

During the interview, Libby also commented that technology was a big part of their business. He talked of how his company encourages innovation and has to come with an invention every other year. He gave an example of Awesom, which is a mobile App that allows the wine guides to easily perform their tasks, including ordering. Also, the company is always open for new ideas. Besides, his goal is that his company remains the pioneer of the industry and to do so, he has to be ahead in everything. The Traveling Vineyard President also advised other entrepreneurs to plan adequately before starting a business. Also, to have sufficient capital to support the business until it can start making profits.

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