Month: October 2016

Educating People About The Holocaust Is Something Bruce Levenson Does

The holocaust is a terrible tragedy. Nazi ideology was one that doomed millions of people to a horrible death merely because they fit into certain categories such as being Jewish or being gay. During this time frame in history, many people including young children were also held in camps and forced to to slave labor for many years. Helping people learn about this tragedy and perhaps create a world in which it can never, ever happen has been the work of businessman Bruce Levenson has a personal connection with this issue as it has personally affected his family.

The Creation Of A Museum

Perhaps the most important way in which Levenson has been able to contribute to ongoing efforts to help educate people about this issue has been the creation of a holocaust museum. Washington, D.C. is where Levenson grew up. It is also where he has has chosen to make his home today. It is no surprise to those who know him to find out that he has been heavily involved in the creation of a United States Holocaust museum that is dedicated o educating people about this event in history. As a founding donor of this museum, he has been instrumental in offering people who live in the area the chance to learn about it.

Helping Visitors

According to Time Magazine, he has also been instrumental in creating programs for visitors to this country and city to learn about it. The museum is located on the mall, a historic area that is home to many important museums in the country. This museum has received thousands of visitors each week since it was opened. Levenson knows that he can continue to offer the kind of education that is necessary to make sure that that people will not forget about this terrible worldwide tragedy.



Davis Osio Has Worked Hard To Further His Philanthropy Around The World

David Osio is a reputable businessman that has devoted much of his life to the betterment of the people and the world around him. He has notably supported his community, music, art, and medical research. Aside from his work as a financial counselor, he has devoted a great deal of his personal time to collaborate with several nonprofit organizations that help to raise up those in need and provide a better way of life. He has taken his philanthropy global in recent years and works diligently to increase their reach.

Currently, Mr. Osio serves on the board of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has also supported The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation for many years. He supports the cause yearly and hopes to see more people contribute to make a difference in the live’s of children.

As a business executive, David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group. He is responsible for leading the company to international success and advantageous positioning in domestic and global markets. He has created satellite locations for the company in Panama City, Miami, Lisbon, and New York. In all of the cities in which his company operated, he is sure to make charitable contributions.

David Osio is a graduate of one of the top universities in Venezuela called Catholic University Andres Bello. He was enrolled in the advanced management program of banking law. He began his long career in 1981 when he served as the CEO and President of OPED Enterprise. The company dealt with the export of coffee. He later was an executive of the Letco Commercial Companies which dealt with various industrial products.

He joined the MGO law firm based in Caracas in 1984 where he specialized in banking law. He then took a position with Banco Latino Internation located in Miami. He became Vice President of commercial banking. His time at the bank proved very productive and raised the bottom line overall. The creation of Davos Financial Group came in 1993 and served a select group of clients in Venezuela. Regardless of where he was serving, he has always brought success and growth to the company.

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The Brexit Gold Coin’s

On June 23 of 2016, Cook Island issued gold and silver coins in order to market Brexit vote. This included issuing three coins that would mark the historic vote of Britain exiting from the European Union that was known as the Brexit. The step of the British isolation had sent the money and stock markets into what seemed like a carousel ride. This event was marked as one of the most significant moments throughout EU history, and has been the subject for a new program for three proof commemorative coins out of the Cook Islands. The program was issued by the Coin Invest Trust, which is a private company based out of Lichtenstein. The program consisted of a .999 fine silver dollar, a .9999 fine gold five dollar coin, as well as a .9999 fine gold 20 dollar coin, all of these coins show an outline of the United Kingdom, and the Union Jack flag opposite of continental Europe. The one dollar and twenty dollar coins feature the outline of the United Kingdom which is colored with the Union Jack. All three coins also feature the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Features of the silver dollar is that it weighs three grams, it measures 26 millimeters in diameter and has the mintage limit of 2,016, and reportedly sold out by August 5th. The gold five dollar piece weights 0.5 grams, it measures 11 millimeters in it’s diameter and has the mintage limit of 10,000 pieces. And the gold twenty dollar coin weighs 3.1 grams, it measures 26 millimeters in diameter, and has the mintage limit of 2,016 pieces. At this time, no U.S. base distributor’s had been named, this means that coin collectors would have to search within the secondary market to find these coins.

News having to do with the Brexit gold coin came up in July of 2016, when a new pair of coins was to be released. The gold coins made use again of the Coin Investment trust smart-minting technology, the difference this time a derivative that was referred to as the BGM or the Big Gold Mint. This allowed for a relatively normal or high relief coin that would be struck on an increasingly thinner and resultantly lighter gold round. Both of these coins were released in proof quality, and if the silver coin was anything to be judged by, they will most likely sell fast.

Davos Financial Revels New Technology

David Osio became CEO and President of OPED Enterprise at the start of his career in 1991. A graduate from Andres Bello, a top university in South America, he was responsible for the management of the coffee export program in the company. From there he grew his career and held other top positions to include being the head of the structural marketing program for LETCO Commercial Company. In 1984 Osio joined the MGO law firm. During his tenure with the company he took the opportunity to expanded his knowledge base in banking law. As a result of his service to the firm, he was afforded a chance to work with corporate clientele. It was a first glimpse in what types of services such entities were seeking and how to best execute the services for the client.

Before starting the Davos Financial Group, Osio secured the Vice President position of Banking Commercial at Banco Latino International Miami. His time with the company allowed him to increase the customer portfolio and the businesses international position. Upon establishing his own firm in Venezuela 1993, he provided a myriad of financial services to his exclusive clientele. Today he implores a leadership style that has since awarded his business a steady flow of income and allowed for vast expansion of his firm. Osio has several operations around the globe to include Geneva and Miami. Osio company has ties to several major banks, which has allowed the firm to create a diverse platform for their corporate clients, which helps them establish uniquely tailored options aimed at meeting the needs of their individual clients.

The firm maintains their share of social responsibility. They frequently collaborate with the art communities in their host neighborhoods. They have also supported numerous organizations like the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and international organization. Osio has been awarded many awards for his services within the community to include a Medal of Honor from the United States Congress.

In recent news the company has launched the Davos CAP Calculator. The app is available for mobile download via iTunes and Google Play store. It is a tool developed for investors. It will allow an investor to gain a clear calculation of future investments. The application takes into account net income, capitalization rate, and cash flow. There is even a feature that allows an investor to factor in how the mortgage rate affects the investment. The application is the first, of many to come for the company.

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Evolution of Smooth Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm Perfect Tint

Well, I finally found it shopping around Target’s department store today. I was looking for an effective and protective lip balm that offered pure moisture with a tinted base. Say hello to Evolution of Smooth’s Sheer Pink Shimmer lip balm, because this one is a true winner from the famous line.
There are days you don’t want to wear a full lipstick but still want to look polished and pretty and protected from the elements. There are tons of tinted lip balms out there, but I wanted one that also felt great and delivers soft, kissable lips.

Evolution of Smooth is a genius at packaging; I mean, let’s be honest. No other brand features this spherical balm placed in a colorful little pot. The balm is excellent, too and full of natural, anti-oxidant goodness like jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil, beeswax and more wonderful soothing and hydrating ingredients.

As important, is the lovely tint that EOS has created. It’s such a pretty wash of pink that gives off a tiny shimmer. There is nothing juvenile about this tint; in fact, it’s so flattering on every skin tone. I’m going to buy three more to have on hand, and I’m wearing this tinted balm to the gym tomorrow to work-out.

When I head to my job, I tend to favor a strong smoky eye, so the Sheer Pink Shimmer lip balm is a perfect balance for my face. It is a sheer shade that seems to last pretty well, too, but I don’t mind re-applying, because with balms, that’s what you do anyway.

The formula also bears the signature Evolution of Smooth organic excellence with a nice hydrating base and a balm that is lightweight, non-greasy and glides along the lips. I highly recommend this purchase. products are found on your local Walmart store and can also be purchased online via

Mike Baur on Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur had put 20 years into a very successful Swiss financial career. Lately, however, he knew that something was missing. He no longer felt driven to make big deals work. Therefore, he stepped away from that career and started his own program, Swiss Startup Factory, to help people with product ideas bring them to fruition. If you are a startup wondering if you will ever get your product off the ground, then spending three months in Zurich with a partner may be exactly what you need.

Mike takes in classes of new startups twice a year at Swiss Startup Factory. Before a person can start, they must have a partner. The focus of startups that he helps is technology. Therefore, one person must have a technology background and the other team member must have a financial background. In rare instances, Swiss Startup Factory will put teams together. Mike believes, however, that the most successful startups already have a team in place because of the stress caused by getting a company off the starting blocks.

The team must then apply to be part of the program. All team applications are looked at very carefully by a group of industry professionals. Unfortunately, they cannot give feedback to people who are not chosen. The lucky ones are interviewed and brought to Zurich to begin the three month program.

The full-time intensive three-month program is based on the build, measure, learn model. Each startup meets almost daily with Mike or his partner. They develop three milestones that the team must meet. For example, at the end of the first month, the team’s company becomes a legal entity. If a team fails to meet a milestone, then they are usually out of the program. The pressure can be intense. In order to help people be successful, they are also surrounded by a team of professionals who have been down the road that the startup is now traveling.

 The advantage of working with Swiss Startup Factory is not only the expertise, but also the money. Each team is given the opportunity to meet with investors and taught how to act in front of them. They are taught how to give an elevator speech. They are given some cash to start their company in exchange for 10 percent of their company.

 Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is a relatively new concept for Switzerland. He graduated his first class in April 2016. He is extremely proud of three teams that managed to survive the rigorous process. If you think this is the program to take your project to the next level, then talk to them today.

FreedomPop Caters to Budget Minded Cell Phone Users

The need for a cell phone is more important than ever before. However, my cell phone bills kept getting larger. It got to the point where I would nearly work half a week just to pay for my smartphone. While essential, there are other things I need to buy with my money. That’s when my friend told me about FreedomPop Wireless. She told me that I would get 200 minutes completely free, plus I would get 500 texts and some data time. I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I said goodbye to the astronomical prices in the standard cell phone industry, and I went for a costing cutting budget plan. Learn more:

This may be hard for some people to understand how and why this company can offer such savings. First, this FreedomPop review should help you with all of the questions. You must know that this company is a VOIP. Basically, it means that they don’t have their own lines or network, they use Sprint’s lines. They piggyback onto their lines, allowing their customers to use the same great networks that cost a fortune. Sprint cut a deal with them to use their lines. It helps Sprint to pay for their elaborate network, and it allows Freedom Pop to market to their customers. It’s a win-win for both companies.

I will be honest and say that I was a little concerned about the quality of my calls. However, since they have the world’s largest network, my fears were soon put to rest. As far as Wi-Fi, there are more than 10 million hotspots around the world. For another $5.00 a month, I had the benefit of the Wi-Fi service. The people who live in the city will have better range than those that live in rural areas, but I live in the country and have great service there too.

I like the fact that everything is simple. I love the free package, but since I use so many minutes a month, I started out with the $19.95 plan. It gives me the ability to call overseas and communicate with my relatives from afar off. Now, to keep things in perspective, you are not going to get all the bells and whistles that you would with a company like Verizon or Sprint, but you also won’t get those huge bills either. Freedom Pop is for the budget minded individual who needs a cell phone, but it is for those who doesn’t want to go broke paying for it each month.