Month: August 2016

Lauren Conrad and 23 Layers

Lauren Conrad does everything she can to make an event be stress-free for the host, a Redbook Magazine article gushes. Humbly, Lauren refuses accolades comparing her to Martha Stewart and instead urges compromise. With a lawyer husband, she’s turned her own events from elaborate themes to something simpler, like a hoe-down as people can reach into their closet for cutoffs and plaid shirts. Fuss, she argues, makes guests feel uncomfortable, and that’s the last thing she wants at a party. Instead, everyone having fun is her priority so that it is a celebration instead of a stressful night.

The owners of the event planning company in NYC, Twenty Three Layers, agree. Weddings, mitzvahs, birthday parties, and corporate galas are among the many gatherings the company sponsors. Their close association with vendors means that clients are treated to a stress-free and value-strong partnership. The event planners in NYC take care of everything from security to contract negotiation to photography, printing, and decor.

The founder and vice president of the company are two women with a passion for creating unforgettable nights. With a combined 16+ years of experience, their business is making an event as seamless as possible by providing attention to details, innovation, and bringing each clients’ unique tastes and budget to light. Jessica Boskoff, CEO of 23 Layers, says she finds inspiration in her never-ending travels. Her business partner, Sarah Freedman, is passionate about any event, whether she’s serving 50 or 5000 guests.

Through all their work, Twenty Three Layers does everything they can to make an event as stress-free as Lauren Conrad. Whether hosting a gala for a corporation or a hoe-down for a birthday party, they are behind every detail and make sure that their clients feel confident and calm from event conception to completion. Martha Stewart may not be hosting the wedding, but Twenty Three Layers can make every guest thinks so.

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Twenty Three Layers Packs Pizzazz; Lauren Conrad Simplifies the Chaos

Parties are magical affairs, but planning them is more so a headache than an enjoyable experience. Additionally and while most leave parties limited to birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, certain portions of the world are known for their non-stop partying actions, including New York City. As a result and to eliminate the tension of party planning, experts establish companies designed for tackling the tedious tasks of throwing a party. Event planners in NYC are far from amateurs and are infamous for throwing events of the century.

Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in NYC, is known for paying attention to even the smallest of details in order to throw some of the greatest functions known to man. With the hats and cake being an afterthought, Twenty Three Layers focuses on colors that will be visually pleasing, tastes that coincide with the theme, and music that will adorn the setting with subtle hints of nostalgia and excitement for the rest of the night. A sound staff that is as energetic as the parties they throw contribute to the positive experience clients will have while working with this company.

Whereas some companies limit their capabilities to corporate events, Twenty Three Layers will cater to the needs of both big-name or average clients, and treat them like royalty. From intimate anniversary parties to silly first birthdays to NFL suit and tie affairs, this company has what it takes to put the pow in powerful and the excel in excellent. Despite their presence in the industry, though, they do not necessarily need all of the credit, and mention must be made to small party planners for what they bring to the event table.

Lauren Conrad is a popular TV personality, fashion designer, and party planner as of recently. With her husband by her side, the blonde-haired fashion queen emphasizes what is truly important while planning a party, and described the struggle between her and her husband when it comes to compromising in these areas. With tips on having fun, avoiding stress at all costs, and remembering that events are for the guests rather than the host, this power couple maintains the individuality of all of their events and encourages other planners to do the same.

The Hazards of Ignoring Your Online Reputation

Today’s culture is hyperfocused on the instant retrieval of information, opinions and news. In many ways, this is a good thing, but it can also be a danger to businesses big and small; it can cause even minor inconveniences and complaints to turn into major, reputation-ruining controversies. Online Reputation Defender (ORD) is incredibly important and can have many benefits, but ignoring it completely can have even greater hazards. The internet is an echo-chamber, and people are far more likely to shout about a negative experience than a positive one.
ORM is about more than just responding to controversy, it’s about working to prevent it in the first place. Without the proper precautions, an dissatisfied customer with a chip on their shoulder or even just an internet troll can easily and thoroughly ruin your chances of ever being able to recover. If you haven’t, say, secured your domain name or your company’s twitter handle, it is trivially easy for someone else to do so and use it to trash your image by just acting rudely or worse, and then demanding ridiculous payments to give them up.

Keeping an eye on reviews and feedback is also incredibly important. According to this article from Hospitality Net,, a one-star increase in the average user rating of a hotel on TripAdvisor or other similar sites can lead to an increase in the perceived value of a room of about eleven percent. This means that a decrease due to someone bombarding your company with negative reviews or simply from customers not being reminded to report positive experiences can lead to a similarly sized decrease in the perceived value of your product or service.

Additionally, with proper ORM it is possible to turn a customer’s negative experience into a positive (or at least neutral) one. However, if you just ignore your company’s online presence, there is absolutely no chance of this happening. In fact, it’s likely that the negativity will just get louder, as the original customer continues complaining because they feel ignored or other dissatisfied customers come out of the woodwork to reinforce the negativity. The echo chamber can get incredibly loud incredibly quickly, and once it’s started it’s terribly difficult to stop.


IAP Worldwide’s Fast, Efficient and Diverse Services

IAP Worldwide is a prominent company that’s centered around things that are seemingly impossible. The people who work for IAP Worldwide assist clients with serious natural disasters, emergencies, communication needs and more. They respond to taxing situations in areas all around the world as well. IAP Worldwide’s main focuses are expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, government services, information technology and aviation engineering. It employs thousands of professionals who are knowledgeable in these topics.

Head executives at IAP Worldwide include Douglas Kitani and Terry DeRosa. Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer and DeRosa is the Chief Financial Officer. Members of the company’s board of directors include director Edward Bayone, director Peter R. Frank, chairman Admiral William Flanagan (also known as “Bud”) and director Dean Popps Esq.

Clients often depend on the team at IAP Worldwide for their extensive answers regarding power solutions. Power distribution and generation are important topics for the company. IAP Worldwide routinely collaborates with companies that specialize in electric power. They do this to bring power back to neighborhoods that have been turned upside down due to disasters. IAP Worldwide also sometimes constructs brand new plants. They do this with the cooperation of eco-friendly technological practices. IAP Worldwide is committed to helping clients maintain electricity that’s consistent and reliable. The company zeroes in on everything from renewable energy and power plant operations to both permanent power and temporary power.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

The experts at IAP Worldwide frequently concentrate on government services. Aviation support is an example of a service the company offers. The company regularly assists clients that are searching for help with safety, fire, airfield engineering, air traffic control and airfield management. Employees at IAP Worldwide install navigation and communication devices that can get airplanes to land in safe and secure manners.

Expeditionary infrastructure is among IAP Worldwide’s most widely known services. The brains behind the company frequently work to change harsh and severe settings. They aim to make these settings significantly more comfortable and livable. They accomplish this by concentrating on facilities maintenance, utilities, power fields, emergency assistance and overall health.

There are thousands of people around the planet who work for IAP Worldwide. These professionals are based in numerous countries, too. The company’s main branch is in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It also has locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Panama City, Florida, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia. It has international presences in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Dorset, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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