Month: June 2016

How to Write Meaningful Content and Protect Your Company’s Online Repuation

Creating good website content can be easy as 1, 2, 3…as long as the website content comes from a place of intelligence and sincerity. Website content is meant to drive traffic to your web page, in order to create a higher conversion and drive sales. Any old content will not fit the bill when trying to gain customers. Potential customers will not respond to meaningless content, because behind the world of the internet, customers are people like you and I. They want to know that what they are reading comes from a place of knowledge and professionalism. Web content should be meant to engage and enlighten potential customers and then inspire them to buy.

When selling a product, make sure there is an interesting professional behind the content, not just writing about the items or products to sell, but writing about this item in context. What really interesting story could relate to this product or project? How could putting this item in different contexts appeal to different types of people? Have an expert in the field write blog posts that engage and capture the customer’s attention so they will come again and visit the blog to read the interesting content. This will build a relationship and eventually trust with the customer and they will feel more apt to buy a product or service, click on a link, or visit the website in connection with the web content.

Devco Deals with Unpaid Loan of $20 million

Last month has seen a failure of he Middlesex County Improvement Authority to pay what it owed to DEVCO. The Improvement Authority is already behind in payments by $7 million. It has been in debt for 5 years. The initial loan was issued in 2005 for the construction of a New Brunswick hotel under the name of The Heldrich. The development of the hotel was carried out by DEVCO. Senate President Stephen Sweeney has touted this corporation as an example of the possibilities that could be carried out with public money that is received from private firms. This is one of the larger scale construction projects that were going to add value to the area.
DEVCO is a private real estate development firm that operates as a nonprofit. The firm has been established with the intention of bringing forth developments that will improve the conditions of the area so that more people will want to visit and even live in the area. DEVCO is also good at creating alliances that are good for the improvement of the property value of the community. Among the type of partnerships that it has formed are powerful partnerships between public and private businesses. They have also managed almost $1.6 billion in investments in the area of New Brunswick.

As of right now, The Improvement Authority is still hard at work in putting together The Heldrich, says Devco’s Chris Paladino. They are still working on the project. If there is one thing that could be admired about the company, it is that they are willing to finish what they started. Once they finish the project, the hotel will be opened up and the revenue that is generated from the hotel will be used to pay off the bonds that they have owed. While things may look a little rough, there is a huge possibility that the developers will be able to push through their challenges.

The original article can be read on Press of Atlantic City.

Jessica Boskoff Loves Colors

Recently The Perfect Palette interviewed one of the most exciting event designers to come on to the scene in many years, Jessica Boskoff, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Twenty Three Layers in New York City.

Of course, The Perfect Palette loves colors, and that’s why Jessica Boskoff is one of her all time favorite designers. The Perfect Palette is inspired daily by the “creative and artful” designs she sees in the wedding industry. And her favorite designers are all at heart lovers of color. They also love textures, and the impact of contrast. They also enjoy having fun with their designs.

Boskoff fits her criteria. She breaks the traditional mold and uses a playful, modern style.

The first photograph depicts an armchair with stacks of pastel-colored cushions and flower knick-knacks against the background of both a floor and wall so white the objects seem to be hanging in white space.

In the next set of images, two pink peonies with short green stems rest in a shallow vase of clear glass, a white peony nearby.

Next to that, a dish of miniature cupcakes with pastel green swirling icing occupies the foregrand, with a dish of stacked donuts with pink icing and multi-colored crinkles is in the background.

Below that is a photo of a pair of very high-heeled shoes. They are white with black dots, like a leopard’s spots. Close to them, a white plastic heart rests on its side.

According to Boskoff, they did the shoot to celebrate the company’s new look, and was lucky enough to use one of her favorite photographers, Vanessa Tierney.

Boskoff admitted her favorite colors were “blush, mint and aqua,” so she had to incorporate pastels into the shoot.

The Perfect Palette praised the colorful pillows and beautiful desserts, and how she can’t get enough of the playfulness and whimsy. She said, “What’s not to love about two pink peonies?”

Boskoff expressed appreciation for the amazing ability to express herself through styling and design. It allows her to do what she really loves, and crosses over into every area of her life, such as entertaining friends and designing her home.

George Soros Open Society Foundations become Conservative Target

George Soros is one of the richest and most successful individuals in the world. He has amassed billions of dollars and has made it a point to give back to society in meaningful ways. He puts support behind many more liberal causes and that makes him a target for many less than reputable right-wing, conservative fringe individuals. Recently, conservative nut job James O’Keefe attempted to cause harm to George Soros’ philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations. Fortunately for all involved, it seems that this was a person with bad intentions but no mastery of technology.

O’Keefe called the New York office to offer to discuss support for the organization. He tried to speak to Dana Geraghty, who was not available. He claimed to be a Hungarian-American named Victor Kesh. Apparently O’Keefe doesn’t understand the complicated working of a voicemail system. He left a message and then went on to reveal his plan of trying to infiltrate the organization. The recording revealed the true identity of the caller and his intentions. The Call showed that clearly showing that it was not a threat to be taken very seriously. During the recording, O’Keefe was heard opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page, then being told that once you search someone on that social media, they are showed your identity. O’Keefe was clearly undone by two things, technology and a lack of intelligence.

This was a kind of humorous look at a serious problem. Just because James O’Keefe is a bungling fool, doesn’t mean that others with bad intentions aren’t dangerous. George Soros has done nothing but rise to the top on his own accord. In that time, he has continually given back to those in need. George Soros created scholarships for black South Africans living under apartheid in 1979. This allowed many to get an education that otherwise was out of reach. He also worked to create lines of communication through the Iron Curtain during the cold war, setting up a number of cultural exchanges between East and West. After the fall of communism, Soros was responsible for setting up Universities in Eastern Europe that specialized in teaching critical thinking skills. Sounds like James O’Keefe could use some of that education.

The Open Society Foundations have been the greatest and most influential of Soros’ philanthropic productions. These are designed to help support people all over the world, protecting individual rights and insisting on transparency in government. They have built a worldwide organization that is located in over 100 countries. Creating vibrant and representative democracies all over the world seems like a very noble cause. They want the governments of the world to be totally accountable to their citizens. Open Society Foundations attempt to respond quickly to any activity or event which compromises this goal.

It would seem that conservative clowns like James O’Keefe could find something more productive with his time. He is a great example of the parasitical nature that politics can provide. Hopefully, he will move on to a more productive path. It seems like we could use a lot more people with an outlook similar to that of George Soros.