Month: May 2016

Can Wen Conditioner Transform Your Hair?

WEN shampoos and conditioners have gotten a lot of celebrity endorsements, and customers claim that the products can soften and smooth the hair using natural ingredients like plant and flower extracts and oils.
If you’ve ever considered becoming a Wen customer, Emily McClure, a Youtube blogger did a review for Bustle, it could help you decide if Wen products are for you. McClure tried the Fig conditioner for seven days, and she was pretty satisfied overall.

Emily had to use a lot of conditioner to make sure all of her hair was being properly conditioned. However, she says that her hair felt healthier and thicker after the first day of the experiment. She continued using the conditioner each morning for the next two days, and loved the results.

McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair on the fourth day, but the conditioner was still giving her hair a moisturized and frizz-free shine. She added some curls to her hair for body and volume, but they didn’t stay very long, since the Fig conditioner made her hair oily.

Emily says that she’d use Fig conditioner again, and said that the product had a pleasant smell and worked well. McClure also said that Wen by Chaz Dean conditioner is best for women who wash their hair daily, and for women with hair that is thinning or naturally thin.

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Reputation Management Company Learns From It’s Own Crisis

Public relations is essential to any business plans and reputation management is just as important. Attesting to this truth is Status Labs a reputation management firm who had to use its own strategies to repair its own reputation. Due to an unfortunate circumstance surrounding a former executive, Status Labs reputation was damaged. However, in a positive light, Status Labs has learned how to better assist their clients because of the situation.

The first thing Status Labs President Darius Fisher realized was the company needed to be proactive about the negative press. Due to a company-wide vote, the executive in question was asked to step down. Then Status Labs got in touch with the media to try to undo the damage. The executive in question had a tarnished reputation, but it had nothing to do with the company. While Status Labs had spent years helping their clients shine, they had not been maintaining their own reputation. After realizing the neglect, Fisher decided they needed to interact with the community and become a bigger part of people’s lives to ensure misunderstandings wouldn’t hurt their reputation in the future. Getting involved in local Austin, Texas non-profits improved the public opinion.

Status Labs has helped clients shine through search results and also by helping them maintain positive reputations. The company started in 2012 and has grown exponentially since then and gained prestigious clients from all over the world. The fiasco within the company has assisted the company’s growth considering they are better able to relate to their clients whether they are experiencing a crisis or just want to bulk up their already positive reputation.

Employing knowledgable tech savvy people, Status Labs is able to help clients with any online communication crisis. With offices in Austin, Texas, New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil the company is able to help clients anywhere. Darius Fisher is the head of the company and has helped the company grow to one of the best reputation management companies in the world. His expertise in marketing and public relations were earned from working with marketing firms as a copy-writer and as a political consultant.

Wen Hair Products for beautiful Hair

It is a well -known fact that all women like beautiful hair. They want their hair to look good, just like the superstars on TV and in the fashion magazines. The tricky part, however, can be achieving this dream.

Beauty products manufacturers have taken this opportunity to exploit women. They have manufactured several hair products, promising them beautiful hair at the end of the day. There are so many hair care products in the market, and getting the right product is not easy. These products appear everywhere in television commercials, and they attract the attention of so many women. The hair products are sold at high prices, and most of them end up disappointing the users.
Wen is one of the most popular hair products in the market today. Chaz Dean Hair Products manufacture the hair product. The product was introduced in the market several years ago, and since then, it has received lots of positive reviews from its users. Most of them say that their hair changed for better immediately they started using the beauty product. The product is a hair cleansing conditioner, and it comes in different brands.
To confirm that these reviews (posted on were true, one hair fanatics decided to try the cleansing conditioner. She wanted to get the beautiful look that the customers were talking about. The hair fanatic always dreamt of having a luscious and beautiful hair, and the reviews from customers indicated that he was going to achieve this. She used the Sephora Fig Version from Chaz Hair Products which promised to give her moisturized hair that is bouncy and shiny. Since day one, she started experiencing positive changes in her hair texture, proving that the hair products were ideal for the hair.

In the recent time, the hair cleanser from Wen Hair Products has been very popular. It comes as an all in one conditioning shampoo. It is also meant to be the styling treatment for the hair. The manufacturer of the hair products says that it is perfect for different hair types. The client chooses the formulation they need. If you try out the product today you will note the difference. Related link:

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Dick Devos is a passionate Philanthropist. Like most real billionaires, he has dedicated a sizable chunk of his $ 6.7 billion to helping the poor in America. He together with his wife runs the Betsy and Dick Foundation.It has millions of poor fools in Michigan and around the world.


According to Dick Devos, America is a friendly country, and all business is conducted through networks.Dick is of course well networked seen as he has worked his way to the top beside coming from the famed Devos Family. He says he has used his contacts wisely to leverage Amyway to the top echelons of the consumer industry.


Dick Devos has worked with Amway Corporation in 1974 and during his tenure; the corporation was able to expand to 18 countries. Devos became the CEO and the president of Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991. He has good leadership qualities, and he has been serving as a board member of RDV Corporation, willow creek association, spectrum health system among others.


Bestys Devos, Dicks wife, is very active in Republican politics. She has been actively participating in the policy, as this was evidence when she was elected as the chairperson of the Republican party for four times. She takes an active part with wind quest group which specializes in technology, manufacturing, clean tech and nonprofit solutions.


Laidlaw& Company Investment Banking Solutions

Laidlaw & company is certainly one of the most established investment banking firms. Situated in both UK and the United States, the company has established itself with over 150 branches all over Europe. Founded over 170 years ago, the SEC registered company is determined to provide excellent investment banking services to its clients. It provides a lot of comprehensive investment services to developing companies, wealth management services not only to business corporations but also to individual organizations. Laidlaw & Company is registered by the conduct finance authority and a listed legitimate company by, thereby providing legally compliant services to its clients.
Laidlaw primarily offers comprehensive investment services to its customers. It provides property management services to individuals and corporate institutions both in the UK and United States. Among the investment services, it provides includes: capital raising through placement of equities, debt placement, and mezzanine capital through institutional investing. Additionally, clients can access acquisition financing, an arrangement of nation exchange listings, advisory services on acquisition, divestitures, fairness opinions and financial restructuring.

Laidlaw & Company delivers independent investment banking and securities brokerage that primarily focuses on addressing the needs of not only its local clients but also international companies, corporate entrepreneurs, other financial based institution and private clients.

The company has highly motivated and experienced professionals that offer hands-on practical investment banking solutions to corporations, government agencies, and entrepreneurs. Also, it provides emerging companies with solutions on how to raise capital through good market sales hence allowing them to grow financially. Private investors of great worth are offered personalized investment modalities to sustain and grow their business empires. Laidlaw is the ultimate investment solution provider for investment banking and capital markets.